Introducing Rowan’s newest concert venue: THEIRS

Declan Rizzo from the band Echo Plum performs at the first THEIRS concert - Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

Three Rowan University grads, Trevor Hogan, Liam Hogan, and Clavin Platt opened THEIRS, a collegiate concert venue on Sept. 8 among the Rowan University music community. Located in the trio’s house, THEIRS is not just another college basement venue; it’s a haven for music lovers seeking a space where inclusivity, safety, and unforgettable performances are prioritized by its coordinators.

Trevor Hogan conceived of THEIRS as a performance venue that would offer a safe space for both hosts and guests. Trevor was motivated by his own experiences, in which he frequently felt unsafe in other local venues. He wanted to provide a unique environment where everyone could enjoy music and have a good time without compromising on safety.

“I’ve since longed to have a space that I could create and manage on my terms with the people that I care about in the safest possible spot because I just feel like there’s like a lot of great like spots out there, I just don’t completely feel safe all the time. I’m just trying to make this spot for the most amount of people as possible, hence the name,” said Trevor.

Calvin Platt of Wall Carpets performances with his bandmates at THEIRS concert – Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

The venue’s name, THEIRS, was also the brainchild of Trevor. He wanted the name to reflect their vision for the space, highlighting the importance they gave to everyone who attended feeling comfortable included, and like they belonged. THEIRS embodies the spirit of the place by serving as a sign of harmony and group fun.

The three did not take safety, which was of the highest importance for the location, lightly. For attendees of THEIRS events, they set ground rules and made it extremely apparent that breaches would not be allowed. They made the conscientious choice to leave their contact information in the accessible toilets so that they could offer rapid assistance to anyone who needed it throughout the event.

The rigorous planning and preparation that go into each show is one feature of THEIRS that distinguishes them from other bands. By carefully separating various areas of the house, the Hogan brothers and Platt took precautions to guarantee the security of visitors. They were able to efficiently monitor the audience and keep a close check on the event thanks to this strategy. This thoughtful planning fosters an atmosphere where attendees can enjoy the music without safety concerns.

Joey Hess the drummer of Shark Earrings performing with his band at the THEIRS concert – Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

While the basement at THEIRS boasts impressive decor, it lacked cooling fans on the night of its inaugural concert. The summer heat and humidity forced participants to find inventive ways to remain cool such as band members playing without shirts. Though no one in the crowd seemed to mind…quite the opposite.

THEIRS’ long-term goals for the location are one thing that sets them apart. While their band, Wall Carpets, takes precedence, Trevor, Liam, and Clavin are committed to developing THEIRS as a crucial pillar within the neighborhood music scene. Their objective is to support bands and performers across genres, ensuring the South Jersey music industry stays alive and thriving.

“I think I want to get people into live music again like I don’t think it’s something people appreciate. And a lot of house venues or more like party houses and it’s like the music comes second. So putting it first and showing people what the concerts are supposed to be is like,” said Platt.

Due to Wall Carpets’ notoriety, their debut performance attracted sizable spectators. The excitement in the basement increased as incredible performances by Echo Plum, Surf Haven, Wall Carpets, and Rowan’s own Shark Earrings were given. THEIRS marked its debut with an undeniable success, leaving attendees hungry for more.

Liam Hogan the co-vocalist and guitarist of Wall Carpets performing at the THEIRS concert – Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

“I think in terms of feeling the music and that being the main priority of the night. I think that we genuinely prioritize the music aspect and how it makes people feel. We want to get back into the music aspect of concerts and people just enjoy that more. I think that’s what kind of sets us apart from other from other venues,” said Liam.

THEIRS has discovered its distinctive character in a sea of college music venues. It’s a place for safety as well as music. It’s an experience rather than simply another concert. It’s not just about the performers; it’s about fostering a thriving music scene.

“I’m booking a lot of bands that a lot of people haven’t heard of. And I think that’s an important part of this, it’s not going to be a recycled bill,” said Trevor. “There will be a very wide spread of bands and so and so sounds and that their communities can follow what is going to, that’s one thing that set us apart.”

THEIRS has arrived and it’s here to stay. With their first show under their belt, the Hogan brothers and Platt are ready to take on the future. Trevor claims that the venue is already booked for forthcoming performances, promising even more special evenings of music, friendship, security, and even themed shows.

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