Seven personal records broken by Men’s Track & Field at the Oscar Moore Invitational

Greg Poloso competes in the javelin. Poloso hit the top mark in all of Division III in the Oscar Moore Invitational. - Photo / Rowan Athletics.

The Profs are continuing to fly high as the Rowan men’s track and field team dominated yet again this past weekend at the Oscar Moore Invitational.

As the season progresses, the team continues to break personal records on a weekly basis. On Saturday, April 8, the team recorded seven personal records in five different events. The one-two punch of Greg Poloso and Edgar Rosa, however, emerged as the top story from the meet.

The two men now hold the top two spots in the javelin in all of Division III, with Poloso hitting a mark of 68.82 meters to win the event, and Rosa hitting a mark of 64.98 meters, which was good enough for second as well as a personal best.

“Having these marks out there at this time is amazing,” Poloso said. “Super grateful to have found myself in the one spot right now in Division III and even more grateful for Edgar [Rosa] to be number two and then the hurdlers as well… I don’t want to say we’re just getting started but it’s just a testament to how much work we put in during the off-season.”

The hurdlers that Poloso mentioned are Marquise Young, Jason Agyemang and Kwaku Nkrumah, who all hit top 20 marks in Division III for the 110-meter hurdles.

“Like I say, it’s a team effort,” Head Coach Dustin Dimit said. “It’s an individual sport, but to win those team titles, the depth really helps because if somebody has an off day, someone else can step in… It’s one of those things where we’re just getting people there [at nationals] and then hoping we’re the ones that have the best day on those few days.”

Poloso expressed his confidence in his team and explained that he has no doubt they can compete during these upcoming weeks, in addition to later on in May for a national title.

“I think the ceiling for this team is non-existent,” Poloso said. “The sky’s the limit, even further past that. Last time I checked, we were nationally ranked and I wouldn’t be surprised if that national ranking went up higher. And at the end of the day, I seriously think we have a great shot at winning a team national title this year.”

His reasoning for having that confidence? The talent surrounding him.

Poloso, who is a Division I transfer from Rider University, thinks very highly of the talent on this team and believes divisions are a non-factor for the men’s or women’s teams.

“The talent on this team is unrivaled,” Poloso said. “You look across the divisions, you look across the entire nation, there are a bunch of guys out here, and girls out here, that can compete with anybody out there.”

Coach Dimit knows his team is confident, and is hoping that they will have better weather on meet days than they have had in the past.

“The confidence is there,” Dimit said. “They know how fast they are already running, it’s faster than we usually have at this time, but that’s been kind of the theme all year… It helps if we can get a nice day like this for a meet. That was our big issue last year, was that we didn’t get any nice days.”

The national leader in javelin may be happy with his early success, but he is not satisfied. Poloso is ready and excited for the upcoming stretch of important meets.

“Just because you have these times and these marks doesn’t mean that you can’t surpass them,” Poloso said. “I’ll never be satisfied. Absolutely not.”

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