Harmon: Trans Day of Visibility is a reminder to protect the lives and rights of the trans community

Harmon discusses the importance of supporting the transgender community. - Photo via Unsplash.com

The Human Rights Campaign reports that there are currently 340 anti-LGBT laws pending in state legislatures across the United States, 150 of which expressly target transgender persons. It is a depressing reminder of the continuous hostility and discrimination experienced by the transgender community and marks the largest number of anti-trans laws in history. International Transgender Day of Visibility becomes even more vital in the midst of such hardship, acting as a crucial occasion to honor and safeguard the lives of transgender people.

It is important to note that anti-trans legislation has become more prevalent recently in a number of U.S. states, which is worrying. These laws intend to limit transgender people’s rights and access to healthcare, education, and public facilities based on their gender identity and specifically target transgender people, especially transgender adolescents.

The annual International Transgender Day of Visibility is held on March 31 and is intended to increase public understanding of transgender rights, representation, and visibility. It is a day to recognize and respect the achievements, tenacity, and triumphs of transgender persons while also highlighting the difficulties and prejudice they still have to deal with.

The Human Rights Campaign recorded 59 deadly violent acts against transgender and gender non-conforming people in 2021, setting a record. Surprisingly, at least 38 transgender people have already died from gunshot wounds or other violent causes in 2022. These devastating figures serve as a vivid reminder of the continued discrimination and violence experienced by transgender people, particularly transgender people of color who experience many oppressions at once.

Protecting and valuing trans lives is more vital now than ever before. Transgender people have a right to live as their true selves, free from prejudice, violence, and repression. Every person ought to be treated with respect, dignity, and equality under the law, regardless of gender identity.

It is no longer enough to follow trans celebrities on Instagram, tweet about #TransRights, or respect someone else’s pronouns. The bare minimum is no longer enough, and performative action won’t stop these laws from being passed or legislators from taking away trans people’s liberty. Contacting your legislators, paying attention to trans voices, and joining their protests are all simple steps one can take to help. This is how change happens.

Not only is it morally required, but standing up to those who seek to injure or discriminate against transgender people is also an essential first step in building a more equitable and inclusive society. Violence via compliance occurs when people remain silent or complacent in the face of anti-trans legislation or violence, and it harms a community that is already oppressed and needs our support and protection.

Defeating damaging myths and prejudices about transgender people is crucial, as is affirming their gender identities and expressions. Like everyone else, transgender persons deserve to be honored for their uniqueness, resiliency, and contributions to society. Trans Day of Visibility serves as a potent reminder to prioritize and elevate the perspectives, experiences, and rights of transgender people and to strive toward a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone, regardless of gender identity, may flourish.

It’s crucial to monitor credible news sources, LGBTQ+ advocacy groups, and official government websites to stay up to date on the laws and policies that are currently in effect for transgender people in the USA. It is advised to contact reputable sources and keep up with the most recent developments if you’re looking for current and accurate information on the state of anti-trans laws or LGBTQ+ rights.

Although Trans Day of Visibility occurred about two weeks ago, in my opinion, we should celebrate trans individuals every day and not only on one particular day. We should strive every day to create a world where everyone is safe. This standard isn’t just a pipe dream; it’s a goal that can absolutely be attained by people who are prepared to put up a battle for it. Let’s use this day to spark change by raising the profile of transgender people and standing out for their rights and dignity. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where transgender individuals are celebrated, respected, and protected.

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