RU’s new myRowan online portal umbrellas all online services

A screenshot of a student view of myRowan online portal. - Photo / Connor Brown

With the various online services Rowan University offers to its students, oftentimes it’s easy to get lost when maneuvering banner, Canvas and others while also feeling disorganized.

Information resources and technology (IRT) has offered a solution to the problem with myRowan, a single, one-stop personalized online portal made for accessing all the digital resources Rowan students utilize at school.   

On the myRowan online portal, students can access their banner and Canvas accounts, schedule wellness center appointments, reserve study rooms, track degree progress, financial aid and essentially anything else needed to stay organized with one click.

Given the many digital resources and departments at Rowan, this centralized online portal as IRT Assistant Director of Communications Erin O’Neil puts it, “Forget navigating or bookmarking websites to find what you need at Rowan. Go to myRowan and you can search, click, and you’re done!”

“Like any large organization, Rowan has multiple departments offering many services, and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for at times. The University of the Future plan recommended the development of a centralized portal to help address that issue, and myRowan is the result of that recommendation,” O’Neil said. 

The introduction of the new online portal does not change how students access their accounts and no changes are needed to be made to login into those accounts. 

“The launch of myRowan does not affect how students access their accounts. It gives students an easier way to find and access the services they use on a regular basis,” O’Neil said.  

When first accessing the portal, the user will be asked permission to link their banner account to myRowan and will be provided their current semester courses schedule on the homepage which can also be used to quickly access Canvas. 

Students are able to customize their homepages to prioritize the digital services they use the most, and the portal also provides a calendar for campus news keeping students up to date on upcoming events.  

“With myRowan, we want to make it easier for you to get things done — whether that’s accessing your courses in Canvas or registering for a parking permit. We have nearly 100 services included in myRowan today, and we’re adding more as we go. By favoriting the services you use most often, you can quickly access what you need from a single place,” O’Neil said.  

Even though this service comes at the end of the spring semester, so people graduating this spring won’t be using it for long, it provides returning students like Megan Steckler, a junior marketing and entrepreneurship dual major student, a much more convenient way of using Rowan’s digital services.   

“I think it is going to be a great program because instead of having multiple platforms you have one. I’m a commuter, so I know that there’s a separate website to sign up for a commuter pass if you need one, said Steckler. “Instead, myRowan is going to provide students… a one stop shop for all their digital services and it’s just going to make it so much easier for incoming students or continuing students to just to be able to get a commuter pass or deal with their IT issues or any sort of services that require you to be online to sign up for.”

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