SUP hosts “Bikes & Boards,” offers free tune-ups to students

Peddler's shop working to fix skateboards and bikes free of charge. - Intern / Bryant Lopez

Students were able to stop by Robinson Circle for a free tune-up on their bikes and boards. The event took place at Robinson Circle on April 11 and was hosted by Student University Programmers (SUP). 

While students waited, they were able to grab fried Oreos and play lawn games. There was a sticker station to design their bike or board, as well as raffle prizes.

The vendor that was repairing the bike and boards was the Peddler’s Shop, whose main location is at 1907 Deptford Center Road and has been providing their service since 1972. One of the staff members helping out was Chris McGinley, a volunteer at the Peddler’s Shop. 

“I enjoy being here and doing this and helping the community and helping my friend that owns the Peddler Shop,” McGinley said.

McGinley was tasked with fixing boards throughout the day. McGinley cleaned the bearings, making sure the truck are mounted tight. Other staff would make sure that tires were lubed, the brakes worked and that the bike is safe overall. 

McGinley bikes himself and has been doing it for 15 years. He grew up around bike races and is self-taught when learning how to fix bikes and boards. 

“Always been kind of handy. You know, just keeping my stuff working and, and then being around other people and doing this. I, you know, kind of picking up and like to do things with my hands,” McGinley said. 

Many people were surprised that the event was taking place, such as psychology major Mitch Wiegand, who was passing by and saw the event and decided to get a ticket.

“I got my ticket and then I went over there and then I came back around and did that later. I was like, well, this was cool. I have no idea why they did this, but I appreciate it,” said Wiegand.

He was able to indulge in fried Oreos as he waited for his longboard to get tuned up. 

“It was good, the fried Oreos. Probably shouldn’t [have] eaten them. I went to the gym right before, so that was probably a mistake, but worth it.” said Wiegand. 

He has owned the board for 5 years and uses it to get to and from class, so the event was quite useful to him in particular.

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