Rowan students go intergalactic with “RAH in Space”

A giant alien spaceship had taken over the student center. - Intern / Bryant Lopez

Students were able to take a free trip to space at the Chamberlain Student Center. On April 14, Rowan After Hours (RAH) hosted “RAH in Space” providing games, novelties, and raffles during the science-fiction-themed night.

There was giant Connect Four and Jenga for students to play while inside. Students could also get their own custom license plates, crafting them at DIY stations. In addition, students made tissue paper galaxies which was a popular craft throughout the night.

Canvas, oil pastels, and dampened tissue paper were used to make colorful, unique galaxies. Students used their artistic abilities to make drawings encapsulating their ideas.

If students got hungry on their space adventure, they were able to munch on yogurt, marshmallow sauce, strawberries, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, animal crackers, pound cake, assorted cupcakes and pretzels rods at the bar. Students were able to mix and match with all of the favors that were provided.

Space-themed songs like David Bowie’s “Starman” echoed in the background.

Afterward, there was a scavenger hunt that students could participate in. They were tasked to find the 12 aliens that were scattered around the student center. Students also had to collect stamps by going to the DIY center and answering questions regarding space. In the end, students had to collect four stamps and 12 aliens in order to complete the scavenger hunt and they were given a mysterious gift bag for their troubles.

The main attraction was the giant alien spaceship that took students to another galaxy far, far away. In the spaceship, students were able to play laser tag with laser Nerf guns. There was a limited amount of ammo and had to take their best shot to eliminate the health of their enemy. 

The big winner of the event was biological science major, Evan Cabrera. Cabrera participated in multiple events but won big on the scavenger hunt. He was able to take home keychains, slap bracelets, magnets and fake tattoos.

“It was pretty fun going around students looking for all of the alien heads but it got frustrating looking for the last head, which was behind the kiosk pillar,” Cabrera said.

Even though he won the scavenger hunt, Cabrera’s favorite event was laser tag. 

“I thought it was a bounce castle but then they told me it was laser tag which was way cooler. It was fun to run around and shoot my friend in the complete dark,” Cabrera said.

RAH’s next event is on April 20 which will be all about Earth Day.

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