Music for my lungs: The best songs to listen to while high

In celebration of 4/20, Lopez discusses the best songs to listen to while high. - Graphics Editor / Julia Quennessen

There are many things that a person can do on 4/20. They can spend the day eating, taking a walk, watching a movie or a show or playing video games. But the best thing that a person can do is listen to some music. 

Music itself is one of the greatest art forms that humans have created. It has a long history as it is one of the oldest art forms we have. With the assistance of cannabis, the experience of listening to music can be taken to a whole other level. 

Cannabis contains Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the component that makes you “get high.” It gets into your bloodstream and then into your brain. So whether you chose to ingest or inhale, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

One of the greatest genres of music ever created is rock. Some of the most iconic performers have come from this genre. There are so many things that make rock great, whether it is the drums, the guitars, or the vocals.

Pink Floyd is one of the most iconic bands in rock history. Formed in 1965, they have been iconic for the psychedelic feel in their music. Pink Floyd has an extensive discography that has a number of choices of songs to choose from and listen to while you’re high. But the one song that stands out the most from their iconic album “Dark Side of the Moon” is “Breathe (In the Air).”

The song starts off with screams and then transports into a mellow psychedelic space that makes you feel as if you are floating. One of the keys of the song is the amazing guitar being played by guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour. At 2:49, the song is a short trip that needs to be experienced on 4/20.

Some honorable mentions are “Soul Kitchen” by The Doors, “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, “Strawberry Field Forever” by The Beatles and “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendricks. 

Hip Hop and Rap has risen to be the most popular genre of music at this current time. The genre has seen many changes throughout its history and most importantly—has created some of the best songs to listen to while high. 

Making it onto the scene as a member of the legendary rap group N.W.A in 1987, Ice Cube as a solo artist was able to find success on his own and made an all-time classic with “It Was A Good Day.” The song is the seventh track on the sixteen albums titled “The Predator”. The song is simply about how Ice Cube had a good day. It has a chill vibe that makes you feel like you are driving down the street in the nice summer breeze. 

Some honorable mentions are “Sundress” by A$AP Rocky, “Rapp Snitch Knishes” by MF DOOM, “Astrothunder” by Travis Scott and “High” by Freddie Gibbs.

R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues which makes it ideal to listen to on 4/20, bringing the perfect chill vibe that makes you want to sink into your bed. 

As the weather gets better it is a reminder that summer is closing in and the semester is almost finished. There is nothing better than the sun being out, the cool breeze hitting you, and clear skies surrounding you. Childish Gambino’s  “Feels Like Summer” is able to give you that feeling. Whether you are outside, inside, with great weather, or bad weather, Gambino makes you feel like you are in summer. 

Honorable Mentions are “Sweet/I Thought You Wanted to Dance” by Tyler the Creator, “Nights” by Frank Ocean, “N Side” and “Playground” both by Steve Lacy.

People listen to music for many different reasons. Some people listen to the sounds or they listen to lyrics or some look for both. Alternative music can provide the best of both worlds which makes it a perfect match for 4/20.

When people think of Beach House they may think about “Space Song”. Even though it is a great song, “PPP” is on the same album “Depression Cherry.” I once heard someone state that Beach House made depressingly optimistic music and it perfectly matches their vibe. “PPP” is a slow burn song that makes you go through a mix of emotions. It can be intimidating to listen to but “PPP” is a song that can bring you to the past and look forward to the future.

Honorable mentions are “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz, “The Less I Know The Better” by Tame Impala, “The Adults Are Talking” by The Strokes and “You and I” by Jakob Ogawa.

Music is a special art that can be listened to by anyone even if they do not understand the language. The instruments, vocals and tone of the song can be translated by anyone which makes the medium so great. A person can listen to these without any understanding of what is being said. 

“Soledad y el Mar” or “Solitude and the Sea” by Natalia Lafourcade is a perfect song to listen to on 4/20. The simple guitar makes the song enjoyable by itself. “Soledad y el Mar” makes you feel at home no matter where you are. Lafourcade’s voice is a reminder of a comforting and safe place and sounds like your mother is singing to you. 

Some honorable mentions are “Caminar Bonito” by Natalia Lafourcade, “Lo Que Tu Me Das” by Juanpalitoschinos, “Carino” by The Marias, “Le Temps De L’amour” by Francoise Hardy and “Marechia” by Nu Genea.

Whether you listen to one song, all of them or none, listening to music while your brain is taking a ride off weed can make an enjoyable experience even better.

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