Intro to Insolence: A band determined to establish a presence

New band entering the local music scene: Intro to Insolence - Contributing Photographer / Colin Dyce

The local music scene is always humming with new talent, and Intro to Insolence is one of the bands that has been steadily gaining attention. 

This band of friends, who define their music as alternative or emo, have made a name for themselves with their distinct sound and passionate live performances. Composed of Anika Mittal, Sadi Gomez, Jackson Brown, Alex Quinn, and Max Garrett, they’re a relatively young band that alternative music fans should keep an eye on.

Mittal, the band’s guitarist, is a management and entrepreneurship junior at Rowan. Gomez, the band’s other guitarist, is not a Rowan student but is active in the campus music scene.

Brown, the band’s drummer, is a sophomore studying performing arts with a concentration in acting. Brown also wishes to minor in Dance, broadening his wide variety of talents. Quinn, the band’s lead singer, is a sophomore studying theater with concentrations in musical theater and acting.

Garrett is a senior studying radio, television, and film (RTF.) Garrett is the band’s third guitarist and a multi-instrumentalist who has studied bass guitar, tuba, trombone, and upright bass, as well as bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Rush, and Thundercat.

The band formed this past September, when Gomez and Quinn, who met through the theater department, decided to form a band. They approached Brown, who was well-known for his drumming abilities, and he agreed without hesitation. The band then began advertising for new members on Instagram stories and even on the Rowan Alternative Music Discord server, where they were looking for a guitarist and bassist. 

“We want to make people happy with our music and we want to have fun doing it. And I think the music scene is generally a nice and supportive place,” Quinn said. “I think that the majority of the scene is very protective of the people who are involved in it and want to make sure that everyone’s in a safe environment and has a good time.”

Intro to Insolence has given two performances, with the second being the most memorable. They were the first band to take the stage at a Rowan Progressive event called “The Revolution Will Be Amplified,” and they delivered a lengthy set that featured both covers and original songs. Notably, they launched their concert with a unique cover of the Scooby-Doo Theme song, demonstrating their innovative musical approach.

What sets Intro to Insolence apart is the diverse backgrounds and influences of its members. Each member brings their unique musical tastes and experiences to the table, resulting in a rich and dynamic sound. 

Before joining Intro to Insolence, Mittal was already extensively involved in the local music scene. She had a habit of hopping from one basement concert to the next, where she fell in love with the raw intensity and passion of live house music. Beginning with the piano at an early age, she soon moved on to the guitar and discovered her passion. Emo and alternative artists such as Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Pierce the Veil influenced Mittal’s musical journey and shaped her guitar-playing style.

“That was what made me want to join a band, I wanted to play at those houses and make everyone else, you know, whether they’re drunk or sober, be excited and hyped and like us, for everyone in the room to feel the same vibes,” Mittal said.

Gomez grew up in the Latino community, which strongly affected his musical taste. He began playing the tenor saxophone in high school, influenced by artists such as Luis Miguel and Juan Gabriel, before taking up the guitar. Gomez intends to inject Latin influences and songs into the band’s music, giving it a more distinct sound.

Brown, who is biracial, was reared by his father with a strong affinity for soul and R&B music. During his primary and middle school years, he tried numerous instruments such as the cello and clarinet before discovering his passion for the drums. Marching band in high school helped him develop his talents, and he is inspired by prominent drummers such as Anderson Paak, as well as rock bands such as Metallica and Bring Me the Horizon.

Quinn, the band’s vocalist, has been singing since he could talk. His adventure began at the age of seven when he began singing in his church, which he did for more than a decade. He began teaching himself various instruments after quitting the church, with the guitar being his most recent effort since joining the band. Quinn’s admiration for bands such as The Cure and My Chemical Romance can be heard in his powerful and expressive vocals, which lend depth to the band’s sound.

“My Chemical Romance is up there at the top because they helped me get through some dark times and they’re my inspiration for where I would like my vocal talents to be and where I vocally want to be headed,” Quinn said.

Garrett began his musical adventure in middle school when he took up the bass guitar. He learned to play the tuba, trombone, and upright bass at the Lakehouse Music Academy in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Garrett’s basslines provide a sturdy foundation to the band’s music, driving their sound forward.

Intro to Insolence is keen to establish itself as one of the scene’s top bands. However, getting into music clubs and landing more concerts has been difficult due to the competitive nature of the market. But this hasn’t stopped the band from working hard every day to expand their connections and influence to earn more recognition and chances.

They intend to stay as long as possible and are just getting started on their musical journey, and they have ambitious plans for the upcoming academic year. Quinn, on behalf of the band, offers some parting words of encouragement to anyone considering entering this world:

“Just do it. Just f***ing do it. Like if you want to start a band, f***ing start a band because you think that it’s going to be hard. You think it’s going to be stressful, and it is going to be hard, and it is going to be stressful, but it’s so f***ing worth it,” Quinn said.

You can follow the band on Instagram @intro_to_insolence to stay up to date with them and their music.

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