Eric Krassow mixes rock genre with emotional themes in new single “Shine On”


Musician Eric Krassow from Monroeville has dropped his newest track, “Shine On.” Krassow is a senior music industry major with concentrations in music technology and music business. He has been playing music for thirteen years and is a multi-instrumentalist who is skilled in guitar, drums, bass, keys and vocals.

On Tuesday, March 28, Krassow released his newest single, “Shine On,” which is the first single for his upcoming album, “Encore.” This song also acts as Krassow’s senior Capstone project. 

“I wanted to write a song that was high energy and was loaded with catchy hooks, thundering drums, and iconic guitar riffs,” said Krassow.

The song seeks to form a connection with audiences and encourage them to spread their enthusiasm for music. Krassow is profoundly influenced by the artists he looks up to and hopes to be an artist that others can look up to. 

The lyrics of “Shine On” are creative and well-crafted, making it a song that many listeners may find themselves relating to on a deeper, emotional level. The chorus includes the following lines: “Shine on, brighter life heads your way/Shine on, live tomorrow, and today/Shine on, sun is shining out the gray/Shine on, spillways of all your fears/Shine on, run on through a million years/Shine on, shine on diamond the future is here.” 

Every note of “Shine On” reflects Krassow’s love and attention for music, and as a result, he has been able to produce a strong and inspiring track. These lyrics evoke a sense of optimism and perseverance in the face of adversity, reminding listeners that no matter what obstacles they may face, there is always a brighter future ahead. It also speaks to the importance of not fearing the future but instead embracing it.

“The lyrics stemmed from the need and want for a better future and tomorrow. We all dealt with a load of negative thoughts and feelings from 2020 through early 2022,” Krassow said. “I wanted to write about the future and be able to shed my fears about it. The world is what you make of it and whatever outside influence may be kicking you down, keep on going and live on for tomorrow for a brighter day.”

The hard rock sound of “Shine On,” which is driven by Krassow’s guitar riffs and drum beats, showcases his skill as a multi-instrumentalist. His strong vocals, which lend a depth of intensity to the song’s emotional theme, go well with the musical accompaniment. 

“‘Shine On’ continues building upon the Hard Rock style that I introduced in my previous album ‘The Long Halloween.’ My goal is to continue writing rock-styled songs and bring back the classic rock guitar riffs that I feel are lacking in the music scene here at Rowan,” said Krassow. “My next album is full of arena rock-influenced songs and will provide a unique flair and style to my ever-growing discography.”

Krassow’s new album and single’s recording sessions were dubbed “extremely enjoyable and demanding” by the musician. “Shine On” began with a lead guitar part in the pre-chorus whereas the B-side to the record, “When in Rome,” began with the main guitar riff present in the intro and chorus.

“Songwriting for me starts with a simple idea and it branches out from there. The idea for a song is never the same thing,” said Krassow. “Sometimes I have a melody or a guitar riff, sometimes it’s a drum groove I heard and I rework it and start there, or it’s simply just a word that could be a cool song title. As I keep learning more and listening to more I develop new skills that help my songwriting as well as show me new avenues of where a song can start.”

Each song’s arrangement and tracking of the guitar and percussion were the first steps. The additional components of the songs were then recorded and added to the tracks after those layers had been captured. Although writing the song’s vocals and lyrics presented some difficulties for Krassow, his ultimate goal was to come up with snappy, memorable lyrics that would draw attention to the instruments.

Despite these difficulties, Krassow found the songwriting process to be enjoyable. The song’s start, when he recorded himself screaming in an extremely 1980s manner, is his favorite portion. It was exciting to hear the song he had written recorded and come to life.

Krassow is influenced by many different musicians, such as Ghost, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Behemoth and Rammstein. By speaking with other artists and asking his lecturers a ton of questions he stays creatively stimulated and innovative, making him an excellent addition to the local music scene which is inventive and diverse.

In an effort to create the sound that so many musicians desire, Krassow makes an effort to write that one song he has never written before. He enjoys examining different musical genres and songs to come up with new ideas, and he frequently listens to music by many different artists and genres for musical inspiration.

“Music has been a big part of my life for the last decade. Hearing songs and being inspired by artists has helped keep my passion alive and ever-growing,” said Krassow. “‘Shine On’ is the result of all the lessons and experiences I have learned over the years. It’s cool to not only see myself developing as a musician but also seeing the songwriting develop as well.”

The new album “Encore” by Krassow will be made available on all streaming services on April 18. All streaming services have his music available under the name Krassow. You can follow him on Instagram @krassow_music.

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