College seniors’ capstone songs showcase their passion & creativity

As the academic career comes to an end for many students, take a listen to their capstone project - Arts & Entertainment Intern / Al Harmon

Music students at Rowan University have been releasing their senior capstone projects and other creations, showcasing the skills they have learned during their time at Rowan. These projects are part of their journey in transitioning from students to professionals in the music industry. 

Below you will find some of their work, a creative conclusion to their academic career. 

Serina Aaliyah — “Feminine”

Serina Aaliyah’s EP “Feminine” is a pop and R&B album that features beautiful and fun vocal harmonies. The instrumentals heavily rely on bass and synths to create a deep atmosphere for Aaliyah’s smooth voice. “Feminine” deals with themes of self-love and the experience of womanhood.

“This EP is a love letter to femininity and everything that it brings,” Aaliyah said in an Instagram post. “The nurturing, kind, soft side of you that allows you to be vulnerable and heal. It allows you to be the best version of yourself and love others in the best way.”

John Vincent — “I Planted A Garden In Your Mind”

“I Planted A Garden In Your Mind” is a mellow rap album from John Vincent that explores mental health. The EP utilizes gentle, clean electric guitar overtop bass and trap beats. The entirety of the project was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Vincent. This EP is good for anyone looking to get into their feelings.

Comewme — “DOXA”

“DOXA,” created by Malachi Pillerman under the artist name Comewme, is his latest release. The EP consists of six songs that create a unique atmosphere. Balancing the weight of bass with light, higher-pitched synths, “DOXA” is an instrumental journey through electronic dance music which ebbs and flows between subtle pulses and upbeat grooves.

Nautical Man — “Food For Thought”

Travis Pawelek has released the EP “Food For Thought” under the moniker Nautical Man. It’s a dreamy collection of pop tracks. Laidback vocals pair with sugary sweet guitar and percussion for music that is perfect for relaxing over the summer. With elements of psychedelia, indie rock and pop, “Food For Thought” is an easy twenty-minute ride. 

The Benaiah Project — “Raging Seas”

The Benaiah Project is the work of Daniel Cha, and his single “Raging Seas” is a pleasant and positive worship song. It features piano, electronic elements, trumpets and percussion alongside layered, soft vocals. “Raging Seas” is guided by an uplifting message and a melody that continuously shifts as the song evolves through its phases.

The variety of the students’ music demonstrates their ability to write across genres and styles, and there is likely to be something for every listener to enjoy. To keep up to date with the new releases from these seniors, check out the music industry program’s Instagram page @rowanmusicindustry.

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