Backing the community with Back to the Boro

The band Club 27 performs at the Back to the Boro event - Intern / Bryant Lopez

Rowan students and the broader Glassboro community came together on April 23 for the Back to Boro event. This event is Rowan’s largest annual community service event, a way to give back to the community that empowers students to assist residents in house and yard work. The event was hosted by the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Office of Volunteerism. 

Students were able to gain at least three hours of community service, and were rewarded with food during the Back to the Boro BBQ after they were done. The BBQ took place in parking lot C at Carpenter St. 

Students arrived at 11:30 a.m. for team and individual registrations. The groups would then depart and complete their service project from 1-3 p.m. 

During that time, students completed simple household tasks– raking leaves, pulling weeds, cleaning windows, and even painting houses. All necessary tools were provided by SGA.

Landmark Americana was a sponsor of the event, and along with Gourmet Dining, provided the food for the BBQ., and served standard fare (burgers, hot dogs, vegetarian options.) Rowan Music Group (RMG) provided entertainment for the festivities.

Back to Boro is one of the biggest community service events not just in the university but nationwide and in other universities as well, according to SGA President-Elect Brianna Reagan. The event had roughly 800 volunteers, and was a massive undertaking that, naturally, required a lot of effort to organize.

“I had some nights that were pretty sleepless, just going back and forth within the spreadsheet and adding people, having to take out people last minute, things of that sort,” said Reagan. “But really I think the hardest part was just getting people to sign up. But after putting it together and seeing it all come out, it was worth it.”

One of the bands featured during the BBQ was Club 27, composed of Maddy Horner, Tim Cintron, Erick Rickety, Larry Amons and a guy who would simply like to be referred to as Ed. The band is based in Roebling, New Jersey and has been together for the past 7 years.

This is the band’s first show back as after a hiatus, caused by COVID and personal disagreement between members.

 “First time back, a little nerve-wracking, but once I was in the groove I was having a blast,” said Ed.

They played several original songs, including “Good Morning”, “In and Out”, “Employed”, “Luna”, “Owen”, and “Icy”. 

“There were songs we have accumulated over the past like four or five years. We had them written and then we played shows and they developed into something more,” stated Ed. 

You can find the band on Spotify at Club 27 and on Instagram as @club27band. The band is currently working on an album that is coming soon titled “Pear”. As the event took place throughout the day, many members of the community came to support the event and the home that we all reside in. 

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