EDITORIAL: Hollybash is fast approaching, who will perform at Rowan’s annual festival?

The Whit staff makes their predictions on who will headline this year's Hollybash Festival. - Photo / Rowan University

Chelsea Valcourt, arts and entertainment editor — I think the Hollybash performer will be Ant Saunders, who’s most notably known for his song “Yellow Hearts.” He’s originally from New Jersey and is ripe to produce new music, so I think he could be a strong contender. I also think it could be the rising star, Suki Waterhouse, who’s just recently wrapped up her North American tour. She has similar vibes to last year’s performer Noah Cyrus.

Owen O’Brien, staff writer — The performer will have to be a rapper, but it will either be a rapper who was famous at some point or is just starting to come up. Have you ever heard of MadeinTYO? Someone like them, look him up. And the theme is going to be bubbles or foam or a slip-and-slide or something. 

Brianna Mac Kay, sports editor — My prediction on who will be playing Hollybash is Charlie Puth because he’s from New Jersey and he cares a lot about his Jersey roots. But if I had my dream pick? Definitely AJR!

Sylent Lee Michaels, copy editor — Realistically this won’t happen, but my hope is that we’ll have Miley Cyrus since we had Noah Cyrus last year. I would also like to see some of the Rowan bands from around here perform, that would be cool. That and maybe a slip-and-slide since the weather will be warmer.

Julia Quennessen, graphics editor — I think my prediction would be for Olivia Rodrigo to play, but I kind of doubt it because she’s really, really big right now so I doubt that Rowan can get her. But I think it would be really awesome and kind of a throwback to last summer.

Kara Guno, managing editor — I have no idea who will be playing but I think Hollybash is a great chance for the Rowan community to show off their musical talents to a wide variety of people and a new audience. I think its going to be really exciting no matter who plays and I can’t wait to go watch!

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