RALT and Tune Lagoon co-host basement concert show for various New Jersey bands

The band Beekeeper performing at the RALT x Tune Lagoon basement concert. - Arts & Entertainment Intern / Al Harmon

On March 24, Tune Lagoon hosted a basement concert that featured three bands from different parts of New Jersey. The venue is known for hosting talented artists and bands, making for an intimate and unique concert experience.

Tune Lagoon is one of the very few concert houses in the area hosted only by women. It is worth noting that they have done an excellent job of creating a safe and welcoming space for music lovers to enjoy their favorite artists.

The event was a collaboration with Rowan Alternative, the chapter club on campus that is known for teaming up with concert houses to host shows. Their last concert was a collaboration with the Matte House over a month ago. Collaborations like this allow for a bigger audience and a more diverse group of performers.

Three bands played that night— Beekeeper, Buffout, and Afloat— are all from different parts of New Jersey. 

“We also got the band Afloat performing. Gabby is their lead singer. She is a powerhouse because she runs a music collective and a band at the same time,” said a member of the Tune Lagoon house. “She’s awesome. They are all awesome.” 

Members of Beekeepers showcased a great performance with their indie rock style, and all of the songs they performed were original except for one cover song. This was the first time the band had been to South Jersey and the first time they had performed at a basement concert, which was very different from their city shows.

Trevor LaDue is Beekeeper’s bassist.

“A bunch of new faces here. [Tune Lagoon] very kindly let us be a part of the show, which was nice. A lot of times we play in the city, we get a lot of the same faces,” said LaDue. “It’s very fun. It’s a very different and refreshing experience to play a basement show.”

RALT has a few more shows planned out for the rest of the semester, with the Tune Lagoon concert being one of the last they will host. After the year ends we may see the club gain new members and new management as the current upperclassmen graduate. 

Nevertheless, RALT continues to fulfill its mission of uplifting bands and artists within the alternative music scene on campus as well as hosting some of the best music concerts in the area.

“We have gathered nice songs and music that I think deserve to be heard. This is the perfect way to do it. It is the perfect way for people to hear the music and just have a sense of community so that people can come together,” said John Mueller, a senior music business major and vice president of Rowan Alternative. “Even if you’re not familiar with the bands, people will still like to come for the whole vibe. The scene is for people who share a passion for music. I think that’s what it’s all about.” 

Tune Lagoon continues to be a popular venue near campus for music lovers to enjoy. The basement concert that took place on March 24 was a great success thanks to the collaboration between Tune Lagoon and Rowan Alternative. Beekeeper, Buffout, and Afloat all showcased their talents to a positive audience response, making it a night to remember for all the attendees.

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