Feedback: Get to know this year’s Battle of the Bands performers


In this week’s installment of Feedback, I’d like to direct you to some of the music being made by students here at Rowan. At the annual Battle of the Bands on March 4, nine bands performed in the Chamberlain Student Center in hopes of winning the opportunity to play the main stage at Hollybash. This competition is a great sampler of the local music scene, and so here is an introduction to some of the bands that performed. 


In an interesting twist, the first-prize winners were a metal band from Florence, New Jersey. While Measures’ sound is different from the other bands who performed — as the vocalist acknowledged during their set and upon accepting the first-place honor — their energy, musical proficiency and engagement with the audience was undeniable. Measures blend metalcore with elements of djent, as well as combine both guttural and clean vocals. They put out an EP titled “REEL” on Oct. 28, 2022. If you want to witness a confrontational, but fun performance, come out and see Measures bring their heaviness to Hollybash on April 21.

Shark Earrings

In second place came Shark Earrings, an emo and indie rock band who have quickly become an important part of the Glassboro music scene. Their debut release “Mutual Toxic Positivity” is a collection of five tracks featuring moody yet light hooks and smooth, strong vocals. In a live setting, Shark Earrings are personable and engaging while showing off their skill. They played several shows throughout the Northeast from March 10-18.

Frankie Mermaid

This group received not one, but two awards. They snatched third place overall and also won the fan-favorite award, meaning that they will play on the side stage at Hollybash. It’s no surprise that they were popular among the audience, as their humor and high energy commanded attention. Frankie Mermaid play bright indie rock that emanates a feel-good energy. If you are in search for a soundtrack for upcoming summer days at the beach, look no further than this band. They have both an EP “I Hope This is It” and a single “1995.”


This band can pull off both breezy rock and psychedelic, off-kilter songs. Listeners can relax with “Joe’s Advice” and then be put on edge with “Paranoia Stomp!” If you have never seen Swansun live, or if you have and want to relive that experience, the band even has a live record of their performance at The Grape Room in Philadelphia. 

The Jettys

This band is sharp both in style and in technical ability. Donned in suits and Hawaiian shirts, The Jettys performed a mix of classic and surf rock originals which are soon to be released on an upcoming album. As of now, The Jettys have one song out on streaming platforms— a Christmas song called “Christmas Past” — but there is more on the way, as the single “Part of Your World ” released on March 17. 


Estrogents make punk rock with bounce and attitude, and play with palpable enthusiasm. Previously called The Stains, they were the only artist at the Battle of the Bands who have a full-length album, which is self-titled and consists of 13 songs ranging from the typical three-minute duration to a snappy 58 seconds. They even have several music videos and vlogs on their Youtube channel. I highly recommend checking this band out. 

Wall Carpets 

Wall Carpets features a drummer who also doubles as the vocalist, which is uncommon but really works for this band. The trio makes indie rock with alternative and pop influences. Their most recent single “Far Fetched” deals with the pressures of daily life, and earlier this year they put out the EP “Take A Stroll.” Wall Carpets have several shows lined up for the spring including at the MillHill Basement in Trenton.

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