Rowan Women’s Swimming seniors look back at their careers in Glassboro

Rowan women's swimming poses next to men's swimming for Senior Day. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

As the Rowan women’s swim season winds down, the seniors of the team, Jordan McChesney, Lindsay Cave and Maria McMahon reflected on the past four years.

McChesney, a sprinter on the team, acknowledged not only her teammates but the staff at Rowan as well as a memorable part of her time as a Prof.

“My favorite part of being on Rowan’s swim team these past four years is the friendships I have made on the team and through the Athletic department as a whole,” McChesney said. “When I graduate, I will never remember the practices I did or how early I woke up for practice but I will remember the memories laughing with my friends.”

Cave, who swims mid-distance and the individual medley, explained how being a part of the team has helped her grow.

“I’ve learned many lessons and a lot about myself through my time at Rowan,” Cave said. “I can attribute a lot of that to being a member of the swim team.” 

A similar viewpoint was shared by McMahon, who has been here since her freshman year.

“My favorite part about being on Rowan’s swim team is making memories with my teammates while working towards our goals,” McMahon said.

While the program has impacted all three swimmers, their Head Coach Elise Fisher knows that they have also impacted the program.

“They have been such a huge part in the transition into this very accepting culture that our program has. They are very inclusive,” Coach Fisher said. “I think that they have really taken pride in that and made sure that from the moment that any freshman, sophomore, or junior steps on campus, they are doing what they can to really incorporate them into the program. I think that has probably been a driving factor in where we are and has allowed the underclassmen also to act that way and really feel and exude a level of acceptance”

For freshman Trisha Lau, the team’s culture, which was in part thanks to those seniors, was a major selling point.

“Since the moment I’ve stepped here for recruiting trips, they don’t treat you like you’re some young person new on the team,” Lau said. “I always tell them this is so amazing. On my recruiting trip they literally acted like they have already known me for so many years.”

Due to all they have done for the program, each of the seniors was honored before Rowan’s final home meet of the season on Jan. 14. 

At that meet, McChesney won both the 50 and 100-yard freestyle, two races she has swam countless times in meets and practices at Rowan.

“Those are my events that I typically swim,” McChesnsey said. “So getting to have those be my last events I swim in this pool was special and winning them was the cherry on top of the whole day.”

She added how thankful she is for everything the program has given her.

“Obviously, I am not ready to let go of this team and this pool and if I could swim more for this program I would,” McChesney said. “But at the same time, I know I have put everything I have into each day here and that lets me know I am ending my time with no regrets. I have made the most out of my time here and that makes me proud.”

In regards to the Senior Day meet, Cave claimed that it was the people around her that made it so special.

“It was definitely sad to swim in my last home meet, but the girls all made a huge effort to make our senior meet special,” Cave said. “So it was really nice to feel all their support.”

The team’s next meet is this Saturday, Feb. 4, against the United States Merchant Marines. It is their last dual meet before the Metropolitan Conference Championships (METs). For Coach Fisher, the METs bring back fond memories with the seniors.

“A meet that stands out in my mind for these three individuals would be the 2020 Metropolitan Conference meet,” Coach Fisher said. “Where these three freshmen stood out with personal best times and excitement as the team earned a first place finish.”

Overall Coach Fisher had only the highest remarks for McChesney, Cave and McMahon.

“These three are not only resilient but truly committed to this program,” Coach Fisher. “They started with a freshmen class of nine females and while the pandemic and life changed the trajectory for some, these three trusted the vision of the program. They stand firm in their goals and they look out for the people around them. It will be hard to imagine the team without them.”

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