EDITORIAL: Whit editors share Superbowl Sunday Plans

Rowan's Henry M. Rowan statue donned a shirt and hat in support of the Eagles' Superbowl run. - Editor-in-Chief / Berry Andres

Brianna Mac Kay, sports editor  – “My plans for Superbowl Sunday is to go to a bar with a group of friends — including some of the editors, but first I have to make it out of work. So my hope is that they cut me before kickoff. I am not an Eagles fan, but I’m not opposed to attending a possible parade.” 

Victoria McGivern, copy editor – “I am watching the Superbowl with my brother, I hope the Eagles win. Go Birds!”

Drew Peltzman, features editor – “My friend’s birthday is a couple of days before so we’re gonna try and go to a bar in Philly, and if we win, we’ll be in Philadelphia to celebrate. I do think they’ll win. If they don’t win, it’ll be their fault.” 

Al Harmon, arts and entertainment intern – “I will be sitting in my dorm room watching “Degrassi.” The only sport I like is rugby, but not for the reason you may think.” 

Michael Garrette, productions editor – “I’m going to a friend’s house to watch the Eagles win by a seven-point margin.”

Gianna Malgieri, news editor – “For the Superbowl, I’m actually going to be at Xfinity Live to do a mobile swipe story for Digital Journalism 2 because I think it’s going to be interesting to see what transpires whether the Eagles win or lose.” 

Lee Kotzen, multimedia editor – “In 2018, I made it a point to have an intimate kind of viewing with family. But this year I’m watching with my roommates and my friends at Rowan and my parents are coming down. I invited my grandfather but he has this comfortable chair that he likes to sit in, so I don’t know how he would like my couch that I dragged off the side of the road.” 

Francesca Ryan, multimedia editor – “What am I doing? I’m probably sitting on Lee’s couch that he pulled off the street because I was told that we’re making mac and cheese and cheesesteaks.”

Chelsea Valcourt, arts and entertainment editor – “I will be spending the day enjoying the company of some really awesome friends and my boyfriend. I’m really looking forward to some good food — including green créme puffs — and hoping that the Eagles win. I’m also very fearful of the ‘Eagles Chant’ so I’m hoping to avoid hearing it.”

Kara Guno, managing editor – “I’m hoping that the Chiefs win.”

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