Real estate comes to Rowan with new weekend class


On Jan. 28, Rowan students and local community members met for the first class of Rowan University’s new Real Estate Prep Licensing Course. The course is a new program that is offered through the Division of Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships and is designed to teach students everything they need to know to be able to pass the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson Exam and get a real estate license.

The class is taught by Dania Kelly Gullo and will meet every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. in person. The class is for 15 weeks and will run until May 13. This is the first semester that Rowan will offer this course to students, but if it does well, they hope to offer it again in the fall. So far, the amount of students who signed up has exceeded the department’s expectations. 

“There was a lot of students who actually have a lot of interest in it, which I was very surprised… when JJ and I both saw the amount of students who had interest in it it was like, ‘Oh, we hit a home run’,” said Dr. Terrence Hardee, Director of Executive Education & External Affairs for the Division of Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships.

The course is $500 and is offered separately from academic courses. It does not count for academic credit, but students will be able to sit for the exam to get a license after completion.

The Division of Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships has offered courses in the past on a variety of subjects. If you are interested in a particular topic, you can take one of their courses to obtain a certificate in any given field. 

“I think part of it is just like expanding on what you’ve learned in college, in the classes you’ve taken, what we’re kind of offering is more focused, centralized on a specific area that might interest you,” said JJ McNeils, the academics & outreach coordinator.

This course is available not only for students who are looking to become realtors and brokers but also for students that may just want to learn more about the housing industry. 

“I think for me, the biggest advantage of taking this course, from a parent perspective…the American dream is for you to own your own house, right? The biggest problem in America is not being an educated consumer,” said Hardee, “And so, if you take this real estate course, you know, the difference between what you’re buying, and you’re an expert on what you’re buying, you will not overpay for a home, that’s not worth it.”

Brandon Stahl is a Rowan senior, majoring in business administration. He actually has taken a real estate class before, while he was an undergraduate.

“I took the state exam last year and I passed it… I think it’s a cool opportunity for students,” said Stahl.

The course is currently closed since it has already started but students who may be interested should keep an eye out next semester for when it will be offered again. The Division of Rowan Global Learning and Partnerships has many self-paced and online courses in other subjects that are available to students on their website. 

They are also always looking for student feedback on subjects that students are interested in to create new courses. 

“If you are at a conference, or a student conference, or something like that, and they say, ‘Okay, this is the new thing that will benefit you in your career,’ it gives us an opportunity to research and see how we can offer it to the students at an affordable rate,” said Hardee.

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