“The Pit could have been mistaken for a Casino:” Rowan After Hours hosts Classy Casino Night

The Chamberlain Student Center pit dressed up for casino night.- Intern / Bryant Lopez

The Student Center Pit was filled with the sounds of dice rolling, shuffling cards, celebration and disappointment as Rowan After Hours (RAH) hosted Classy Casino Night on Feb. 4. 

The event had several games that students could play and gamble on such as Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Craps, double roulette, and Caribbean-style poker. Students were given “$500” to use as they entered the pit. In addition, students were able to buy raffles as many times as they wanted in order to have a chance at winning prizes. A variety of prizes were available which included stuffed animals, gift cards, and a prize wheel. 

“[We’re] just giving everyone a night to have fun,” Jonathan Dale, the marketing coordinator for RAH, said.

The pit was filled with students gambling while music played in the background. They played classics throughout the night such as “The Twist” by Chubby Checker. Students had mixed results gambling as cheers and groans could be heard throughout the night.

“You know, I’m losing a little bit of money but, I’m coming back,” said Alex Ntambwe, a political science major, said. “Right now, I’m on a little bit of a streak. I’m a little hype now,” Ntambwe said.  

There were students that have experience playing the games but for many, it was their first time.

Aswini Subramanian is a computer science major and first-time gambler.

“It’s really nice. I’m learning a lot,” Subramanian said.

Subramanian also had mixed results playing roulette but it was her favorite game that she played that night. Roulette was a popular game during Classy Casino Night. 

The event came together with the help of vendors that acted as dealers and Gourmet Dining that provided food and cool refreshments. Pigs in a blanket, strawberry mocktails, and mini cannolis were all served by Gourmet Dining. 

Dale also explained that one of the reasons why Classy Casino Night was taking place was because of the winter ball. An annual semi-formal dance, winter ball took place above the pit in Eynon Ballroom. Many students made their way to Classy Casino Night after the winter ball. Students that were dressed up were given extra playing money.

The event was open to Rowan undergraduate students only and lasted from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Raffle winners were announced at 11:30 p.m. as many waited anxiously for their number to be called.

For those couple of hours, the pit could have been mistaken for a Las Vegas casino.