Rowan students felt the love at “Be RAH’s Valentine” event

Rowan student Julianna Gore showing off her pillow. - Staff Writer / Elena Laughton

This past weekend the Chamberlain Student Center was decked out with hearts and red and pink decorations for the “Be RAH’s Valentine” event on Saturday, Feb. 11. From 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. the Rowan After Hours hosted event was open to all Rowan undergraduate students at no cost.

The night featured several valentines activities and treats. Students could put their creative side to use and leave with Valentine-themed goodies. They created cardboard and yarn heart decorations and stuffed their own candy heart throw pillows. The pillows came in all different colors with Valentine’s messages like “#LOVE” or “Text Me.”

Seniors Chyna King and Miranda Ortiz spent the night at the event participating in all of the crafting activities. The two attended the same event by RAH last year and still have the pillows they made previously, but made two new ones to add to the collection.

“They always have little activities we get to do where we’re painting or coloring and it’s just really relaxing and really fun to do. Especially on the weekends when you’re not really trying to get into too much,” said King. 

The event also featured a photo booth with a pink and hearted backdrop where students could have their picture taken showing off their treats or just posing with friends. The pictures were immediately printed and pasted onto magnets for students to take home.

RAH even brought in two tarot card readers, who attracted a long line of students waiting to have their cards read in the pit. 

Monica Torres, senior Computer Science major was at the event with her partner and friends and was excited about the tarot card readings.

“I am really intrigued about the whole tarot card reading. The tarot card is supposed to read your future, and I’m looking for a lot of positivity this year,” Torres said.

Possibly even more exciting than the tarot readings was the food bar with a variety of snacks and a fondue theme. There were strawberries, cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, and cake pieces with melted chocolate sauce for students to pour over it all. On the more savory side, they also put out cheese and crackers.

To drink there was hot chocolate and lemonade. There were also valentine themed mocktails which RAH staff passed out throughout the night to students sitting doing crafts or waiting in line.

The night was a success with a full student center and happy students leaving with full stomachs and Valentine-themed treats and crafts. The night was a great opportunity both for couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, those celebrating Gal-entines or Pal-entines, or even those just looking for something fun and relaxing to add to the weekend

“I came out just for relief of mental health in a way. Classes have been a hassle for me and I’m sure for anyone so it’s been good to hang out with friends and even meet some new people,” said Joshua Morrison, junior computer science major.

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