New Life Ministry applies Christian spin to TikTok trend

Members of New Life Ministry work on their Prayer Vision Boards. - Intern / Bryant Lopez

On Monday, Jan. 23, New Life Ministry held a prayer vision board meeting at Discovery Hall in Room 215. New Life Ministry provided supplies for students to make their own prayer vision boards, which outline how students would like their faith to look this year. This could include goals such as reading the Bible more often or doing more service. The boards can promote focus by displaying key scriptures which remind them of their aspirations.

Jocelyn Ruben, an exercise science major and president of New Life Ministries, stated that the idea of the prayer vision boards were inspired by the vision boards on TikTok.

“I’ve always only seen regular vision boards, so we thought it would be a great idea to get more people to come out to our events, but to also just like have a better idea of their faith walk with Christ,” Ruben said. “If they are going through a tough time, they have a visual reminder that God is always with us and that better days are coming. But, even on a good day, it allows you to express and show gratitude for what he’s already done for you and get excited about what’s coming up in the future.”

Hope Campbell, a psychology major, wrote one of her favorite scriptures, Psalm 27, on her vision board. 

“That verse really helped me through high school, because high school can be intimidating with seeing a lot of people and meeting new people. So this just really kept me grounded, and also kept me grounded in my faith and also who I was as a person and not change who I was to fit in,” Campbell said.

The New Life Ministry is a nondenominational Christian, SGA charted, club. The club includes three main components, which are Our Praise and Worship Ministry, Bible Studies, and Community building. They will have bi-weekly Bible studies in Discovery Hall Room 215 starting on Jan. 31. Their Praise and Worship focus consists of the New Life Ministry Choir and Dance Team. Sabrina Vargas, a dance major, is the director of the Dance Team.

“We do have dance rehearsals every Monday. So anyone that would like to dance definitely come out. Whoever likes to dance and praise the Lord through ministering to other people, come to the club to get closer to God, but also ministering to ourselves with dance,” Vargas said.

New Life Ministry will be holding its first-ever themed week in April which will be called Week of Healing. During this week the club will address church hurt, barriers to being Christian while in college, forgiveness and overcoming trauma.

For more information, you can go to their Proflink, or follow them on Instagram @newliferowan