Rowan Music Group hosts fifth annual Snowcase concert

Rowan Music Group hosted their fifth annual Snowcase event on Dec. 8. - A&E Intern / Al Harmon

On Dec. 8, the Rowan Music Group — commonly known as RMG — staged their annual Snowcase concert at the Landmark Americana. It was a night of live music from popular local bands, with a selection of food as well as alcoholic beverages for those aged 21 and over. Many Rowan students, as well as non-students, attended the event to enjoy the fantastic performances given by the talented bands, many of which are from Rowan University.

The College of Performing Arts at Rowan University is home to the professional record company Rowan Music Group, which is a 501c3 non-profit. In order to give Rowan University students access to cutting-edge music industry education, RMG discovers, develops and promotes up-and-coming talent across a wide range of musical genres. 

Senior Gabriella Moore is one of the Art Designers of Rowan Music Group and the main organizer of this year’s Snowcase event.

“Rowan Music Group Snowcase 2022, we do it annually [and] I believe this is our fifth one,” said Moore. “We find bands to perform and put on a little show to kind of celebrate the end of the semester and celebrate everything we have been through this semester. It is a good time to get people together and celebrate our triumph.”

According to the Rowan Music Group‘s website, their purpose is to find, nurture, and define emerging talent while offering top-notch entertainment experiences. Snowcase is one of the many organized events that provide an opportunity to come and have a great time while listening to brilliant bands perform. This also gives the bands the platform and opportunity to share their music and talents.

Wall Carpets, Frankie Mermaid, Three Question Marks and Cadalay were the four bands that graced the stage and the audience with their musical artistry. It’s also important to note that the well-established band Shark Earrings was scheduled to perform but had to regrettably postpone their act due to an illness.

Wall Carpets provided some insight into the music they perform and what they are trying to accomplish as a band. This trio features drummer and vocalist Trevor Hogan, bassist and backup vocalist Liam Hogan, and guitarist Calvin Platt.

“I feel like we are trying to give off a different kind of message about what we actually sing about and also make people dance and cry and whatever,” said Trevor Hogan. “We want our music there for whatever you’re going through.”

His statement appears to be echoed by a large number of bands not just at Rowan, but across South Jersey. Many musicians are willing to use nearly any platform and occasion to share their music, expand their audience and gain more fans. 

“We will take any venue we can get and any opportunity to play. We just wanna show our music to everybody possible and grow our audience,” added Liam Hogan. 

Just a week before the event, Wall Carpets released their first single “What About Me?” and very recently released their first EP, “Take A Stroll.”

Snowcase continued late into the night as attendees enjoyed performances from local bands and spent time with friends before the semester came to an end for winter break.

To learn about any upcoming events from the RMG, follow them on Instagram at @rowanmusicgroup.

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