“Boro in Lights” Christmas tree lighting kicks off Glassboro’s holiday celebration

Glassboro's town Christmas tree brightened up Rowan Boulevard's town square. - Staff Writer / Rachel Sampson

Glassboro kicked off its holiday festivities with the annual “Boro in Lights” Christmas tree lighting on Friday, Dec. 2. The Kingsway Church sponsored the event which spanned from Rowan Boulevard to the town square. Rowan students and Glassboro residents could take photos with Santa, go on horse and carriage rides, watch live music and dance performances and participate in a Toys for Tots Coat Drive. 

But for many, the highlight of the event was the Christmas tree lighting ceremony performed by Santa Clause himself.

“My favorite part was watching the Christmas tree get lit,” said Samantha O’Connor, a sophomore at Rowan University.

Throughout the night, Glassboro High School’s band performed Christmas songs. Glassboro High School junior Isabella Profico notes that this is just another event that the high school is able to participate in due to their relationship with Rowan.

“I really like how included the high school is with Rowan,” said Profico. “We do a lot of things together.” 

Multiple members of the Profico family have attended or are currently attending Rowan, including Profico’s mother, Laura Profico, who graduated from Rowan twice.

“I came back and graduated in 2014 for nursing. Both of my boys double major in math and computer science and are here now,” said Laura Profico.

Animals were also included in the celebration, as Woodstown’s Pony Town Petting Zoo brought some of their animals to the event.

“Tonight, we have a Shetland pony called Tootsie Roll. I’ve had him for about twenty-three years,” said Jodi Bill, the owner of Pony Town.

“Boro in Lights” had a large turnout of students, alumni and Glassboro residents who came together to kick off their holiday season as well as enjoy a night of lights, live music, and the holiday spirit.

“I very much enjoyed just the general atmosphere of tonight,” said Eddie Simpson, who graduated from Rowan University in 2020. “I thought as a community we all came together, and it was a night where everyone can really enjoy themselves.”

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