Wrapping up the year: Looking at The Whit staff’s Spotify Wrapped


It is that time of the year again. Traffic is heavy, stores are packed, sales are going on, houses are being decorated but most importantly Spotify Wrapped is back and better than ever. 

Spotify Wrapped is the perfect gift to you, from you and for you. It is a look back into your year and a replay of your best memories through the music that got you there. 

There are countless artists, genres and songs out there to listen to in a year so we unwrapped The Whit staff’s Spotify Wrapped to see who listened to what over the past 365 days. 

As we listen to the music of the year, we sometimes tend to zone out and find our sound. For some people, their sound is calm, for others their sound is upbeat and familiar but it depends on each person and the activities they are doing when listening.

For instance, Taylor Swift was the top reoccurring name on people’s list. The release of her tenth album “Midnights,” which she released in October, made her music a hot commodity for many listeners. 

However, while some had the typical artists of Taylor Swift, Drake and Morgan Wallen, others had a plethora of top five artists such as AJJ, Alex G, Pearl Jam, Allman Brothers Band and many more. 

The uniqueness that Spotify Wrapped allows people to see is what makes it so special. Some people listen to countless hours of music in a year and sometimes your top artists and top songs might shock yourself and others around you.

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