Molly Lodge looks to be a key factor for Rowan Women’s Indoor Track & Field

Molly Lodge runs in a race. Lodge looks to improve on her success from last season. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

As the Rowan women’s indoor track and field team is getting ready to begin their season, they will look for people on the team to raise their placement from second place last year to first place this year in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC). One person they are looking forward to continuing to progress is sophomore computer science major Molly Lodge.

Lodge had a standout season last year, especially in the 4×400 relay.

“The 4×400 went really well,” Lodge said. “As a team, I was really proud of that. In the last few weeks at NJACs, I qualified individually for the national championship. So I was really proud of that since it was my first year and I had no real expectation coming into it.”

Head coach Derick “Ringo” Adamson is ready to have her become a bigger part of the team by competing in more events.

“What Molly [Lodge] did in her freshman year is what most schools would expect out of their seniors,” Ringo said. “With the way she performed last season makes me think she can run the short hurdles as well. I talked about it with my sprinting coach and we really think she can do it. If we can teach her the intermediate steps in between the hurdles, then I truly believe she can be one of the best in the nation. I mean she is that gifted. I could see her doing any of the events out there.”

With the start of the season approaching quickly, Ringo has high expectations for her this season. However, he understands there might be some rust she has to knock off at the first meet.

“It is a big time for them to rev up,” Ringo said. “I want to see them build up strength this weekend.”

Even though her coach is remaining patient, Lodge feels like she is better equipped this season compared to last season with the additional experience she has now.

“I feel like I learned everything,” Lodge said. “There is such a big difference between high school and college track. Learning to go with the flow and roll with the punches. Going into last year I thought the 200m would be my best event, then I ran the 4×400 and it went great. So just being adaptable has been big for my success.”

With Lodge feeling more prepared for the season, she feels like she should improve in all of her events.

“This year I want to place higher at nationals,” Lodge said. “I would also like to make the indoor championship this year. For the 4×400 this year especially I have big expectations for myself. I want to run really fast as a team. I want them to run fast. I do not think it is a stretch to say we should be on the podium.”

The team will have its first meet this Friday, Dec. 2, at the FastTrack Opener in Staten Island, New York, where Lodge hopes to start her season strong.

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