News Brief: Gloucester County unofficial 2022 elections

Glassboro municipal positions have all been filed by the Democratic Party. -Photo /

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8, citizens of Glassboro went to voting booths to vote for the running candidates. 

John E. Wallace III, a Democrat, won for mayor of Glassboro Township by 97. 09% of voters, which was 3,438 votes. There were a total of 3,541 votes. Wallace was the only candidate running for mayor of Glassboro. 

For the council of Glassboro Township, Democrat George P. Cossabone Sr. and Democrat Danielle Brida Spence both won. George P. Cossabone Sr. had 3,387 votes (48.69%), and Danielle Brida Spence had 3,405 votes (48.95%). There were a total of 6,956 votes.

For County Commissioner, Democrat Frank J. Dimarco won with 49,755 votes (25.58%). Democrat Denice Dicarlo won with 49,516 votes (25.46%). Republican Adam Wingate lost by less than one percent with 47,987 votes (24.67%), and Republican Stephan H. Pakradooni Jr. lost with 47,104 votes (24.22%). There were a total of 194,499 votes. All of these votes were very close, but make no mistake that both Democrats won. 

For County Clerk, Democrat James N. Hogan won with 51,239 votes (52.55%). Republican Tom Narolewski lost with 46,199 votes (47.38%). There were a total of 97,505 votes. 

For the House of Representatives 1st Congressional District, Democrat Donald W. Norcross won with 36,550 votes (52.76%). Republican Claire Gustafson came in close second with 31,024 votes (44.78%). Isaiah Fletcher, of the Libertarian Party, lost with 553 votes (.80%). Patricia Kline, of For the People, lost with 915 votes (1.32%). Allen J. Cannon, of Cannon Fire, lost with 177 votes (.26%). There were a total of 69,276 votes.

All of these elections were won by candidates of the Democratic Party. 

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