NJ Transit and Office of Career Advancement host career portfolio seminar

NJ Transit is a public transportation service available for everyone in the state. - Photo / njtransit.com

New Jersey Transit and Rowan Office of Career Advancement partnered to host a seminar on how to build a Career Portfolio. Students that attended this event were able to get an inside look at what employers are looking for in terms of applications, resumes and cover letters as well as interviewing tips. In addition, attendees got an inside look at an internship opportunity that NJ Transit extended to any student currently enrolled.

The internship program is a paid, 10-week program offered in the summertime with the possibility of extending the internship into the school year.

Students who are accepted into this internship program are expected to work 40 hours per week in the summertime and work up to 29 hours per week if the internship extends into their academic year.

The internship extends to a range of students pursuing different majors, including but not limited to Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Communication Studies and Graphic Design, and Transportation planning.

Students will be placed on a hybrid schedule or an in-person schedule however it’s expected students come into the office a minimum of three times a week. Some of the benefits include intern training and development sessions, opportunities to participate in different organizations and events, as well as discount tickets to various attractions.  

“First thing to understand, we’re not expecting you to be employment-ready, per se. Acquire as many skills that are applicable to your desired profession,” Arielle Daniels, outreach coordinator for NJ Transit, said. 

In addition to mentioning the internship opportunity their offering, NJ Transit also offered some advice to students who are going through the career search process including…

  1. Make sure the job description aligns with your resume and skill sets
  2. If there is certain wording that’s unfamiliar to you, google it and research what the definition is, sometimes bigger words may boil down to a simpler task or skill set that you’ve already acquired. 
  3. For students who have trouble demonstrating if they meet the skill set for the position, it is always recommended that you provide a cover letter that expresses your interest in the position.
  4. It is recommended that your resume is a reverse chronological resume, meaning that your resume is listed from the most recent position to your oldest position. 
  5. Finally, whether your interview is online or in person, make sure you’re staying engaged with the interviewee and making connections with them. 

Students that attended this event were able to walk away with the tools they needed to succeed in securing a position in their field as well as an additional opportunity to apply for an internship with NJ Transit.

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