Drag queens channel Beyoncé and Gaga during “Drag Me to Landmark”


Landmark Americana’s “Drag Me to Landmark” event featured the ultimate Lady Gaga and Beyoncé showdown with drag performances competing to be the ultimate Queen. Held on both Nov. 18 and 19, “Drag Me to Landmark” was the perfect Friday and Saturday night outing for the Glassboro community.

Beyoncé fans, also known as Beyhive members, could be seen swarming into Landmark as they embraced drag queens representing the different eras of Beyoncé. Beyoncé fans weren’t the only ones in attendance, however, as the rest of the venue was filled with Lady Gaga fans living on the edge of glory. 

Lights flashed and swirled all around as the venue filled with anticipation and drinks of all sorts were being mixed behind the bar. Laughter boomed across the restaurant, as friends and family came together to have a place to relax and enjoy a night filled with glitz and glamour.

When the house lights finally came down, performers brought out their inner diva and killed the stage with their performances. Audience members who expected a show were not disappointed, as the night consisted of multiple performances featuring Crystal Envy, Jenna Tall, Fantasia Royale Gaga, Vinchelle and Astala Vista.

Vinchelle and Astala Vista certainly left a memorable impression with their reenactment of “Video Phone” by Beyoncé ft. Gaga. The best part of their entire routine was the recreation of the iconic choreography and costumes from the two pop icons. Astala Vista’s look featured Lady Gaga’s hair from the music video and Gaga’s famous white onesie was definitely the highlight of the entire night.

 These drag queens were definitely living for the applause and ran the show with energy. Later on, Astala Vista recreated Lady Gaga’s white and black prison outfit from the music video “Telephone,” and let’s just say the only thing she’s guilty of was looking fabulous. 

Jenna Tall had the audience “crazy in love” with her performance of “Countdown” by Beyoncé. Money could be seen falling throughout the entire performance with her sudden drops and upbeat choreography. Her sparkly studded blue leotard shined bright on stage as she had the audience screaming her name in the crowd. It didn’t matter if you didn’t have front-row seats, as Jenna performed through the entire room — including multiple people in the audience participating in her choreography. 

Crystal Envy’s recreation of Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me” served up a high-energy performance complete with a money shower. Her multiple death drops, pirouettes and high kicks in this number definitely had the audience on the edge of their seats. Her various dance moves while on top of the bar were enough to make it rain for Crystal. 

The best part of her number was her incredible ensemble: a replica of Gaga’s VMA showstopper, two-piece studded top and bottom complimented with star-studded white Gogo boots and fishnets, topped off with a blonde and pink curly hairstyle. The real jaw-dropper was the blood oozing from her stomach, a finishing touch to any monster out for blood. 

Audience members also had a chance to show off their skills with a miniature performance to a song of their choice for a chance to win free tickets for future “Drag Me to Landmark” shows, a gift card to Landmark, and swag apparel from Drag Queen Entertainment. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete drag show without some lap dances from the performers. Audiences roared with excitement and it definitely contributed to making this night a memorable one. 

What really took this night to the next level was Landmark’s themed drinks. Audience members were able to purchase drinks tailored to the theme of the night, at a discount. And for those driving, they even offered mock-tail options. I would highly recommend a Malibu Bay Breeze, as it was the perfect mixture of coconut rum and the tanginess of cranberry and pineapple juice. 

The night ended with a beautiful tribute to Lady Gaga’s halftime show performance. With the recreation of the amazing costumes and the memorable choreography, first-timers to the drag show were surely given a special night. 

“Drag Me to Landmark” takes place every third weekend of the month. Their next show will be held on Dec. 16 and 17 for their holiday performance, “Holiday Slay Ride.” For more information, you can visit dragqueenentertainment.com

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