Chowansky’s Club Corner: Rowan Club Swim Gears up to Start New Season

Rowan Club Swim members gather in the pool before a race. Rowan Club Swim hosted a 2022 meet earlier this year. - Photo via Rowan Club Swim's Proflink

Rowan University’s swimming club team is ready to dive into a new season hoping to secure a national championship.

Founded in 2018, the swimming club team competes in national meets and against teams across the region. The club also offers members the ability to opt-out of swimming competitively for the team if they are a new swimmer or just like to swim for fun. 

Allowing members to control their own journey while a part of the team is something that President Steven Douglass emphasizes.

“The main concept about club swim that I love to say is you get out what you put into it,” Douglass said. “If you are completely new to swimming and just want to learn how to, you [can] do that. If you just want a good workout a few days a week, you’re able to do that. It doesn’t matter your swimming level.”

Douglass, who is entering his first semester as the President of Club Swim after serving as the secretary last year, is excited to welcome back members of the team and new members. He believes the team offers the development of the skillset that one needs to be able to become a good swimmer.

“I really enjoy watching swimmers improve,” Douglass said. “Whether they are trying to qualify for nationals or just starting to learn how to swim, seeing them improve is really uplifting for them and everyone around them.”

Swimmers get together for practice every Monday and Wednesday night and even have a Friday morning practice option. As for the competitions, the club has quite a track record of success.

In 2019, the team traveled to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the 2019 FINIS College Club Swimming National Championship. In 2018, Club Swim went to Rutgers New Brunswick to compete in the invitational. Club Swim entered 40 out of the 190 swimmers in the competition.

“It is like a family,” member Christine Russo said. “We all get to come swim and hang out together.”

Russo has been with Club Swim since fall of 2021 and has been enjoying it ever since. The same sentiment seems to be shared with all of the Club Swim members – they believe it is a great place to grow, learn and enjoy swimming.

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