Prince: SODA is for Saving Lives

SGA's 2021 Club and Organization Fair. - Staff Writer / Stephanie Green

There are over 200 clubs at Rowan but there is no club about the importance of organ and tissue donation. We need more organ donors in the United States– especially in New Jersey as just 40% of adult residents are registered organ donors. The club to help raise awareness for organ donation is the Student Organ Donation Advocates (SODA). 

“Student Organ Donation Advocates is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that inspires and supports student-led organ and tissue donation education and registration efforts on high school and college campuses,” the SODA website reads.

Let’s talk about what is organ donation and tissue donation, when you decide to donate your organs when your pass away to save someone’s life.

There is no rhyme or reason why you should not become an organ donor– although there are many myths that deter people. Some say that there is an age limit to organ donation, but there is no age limit to organ donation. It does not matter if you are two years old or 99 years old, you can still donate your organs and tissues. Another myth is that there is a cost to donate your organs and tissues. But there is no cost– at all– to donate.

According to the Gift of Life Donor Program, every 10 minutes someone is added to the national organ transplant waiting list. Just one person can save up to eight lives by donating their organs and by donating your tissues, you can save up to 75 lives. In New Jersey alone, there are over 4,000 residents waiting for a life-saving transplant. 

SODA can provide education for students and faculty at Rowan about the power of organ donation and promote the message of saving lives. This can be done at Rowan through fundraisers such as 5k runs or educational promotions. The possibilities are endless to raise awareness for organ donation.

One of the easiest ways to become an organ donor is to ask Siri “How can I become an organ donor?” Siri will take you to the health app on your iPhone to fill out personal health information and you’ll be a registered organ donor in no time. Another, more traditional, way is to check the “organ donor” box when you get or renew your license.

Everyone has the power to save lives, so why not do it in the most convenient way and become an organ donor?

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