Letter to the Editor: I am Wowed by What I see

Alumus Adam Dvorin discusses his emotions towards student journalism. - Editor-in-Chief / Berry Andres

Hello all,

I am a graduate from the days when the institution was known as “Glassboro State College.”

In February, I returned to Glassboro to work at the High Street-based public relations firm, AKCG.

Every week, out of habit perhaps, I make a point to grab a copy of the Whit.

Frankly, I am wowed by what I see! Makes me feel “Proud to be a Prof.”

I needed to take a moment and commend each of you for the hard work you do, in general, as well as the fact that you produce an issue each and every week.

After college, I worked as a journalist, so it is wonderful to see another generation practicing in this field. We need you!

I also teach at Temple University, so I think I know how to recognize strong college-level writing.

Temple’s student newspaper, the Temple News, is also outstanding — and sends many staffers to positions at outlets such as the Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY-FM.

At the same time, The Whit should take a back seat to no one.

I realize at many universities, student newspapers are migrating online. And certainly, The Whit’s digital presence is substantial.

At the same time, I am glad that there is a print Whit to be enjoyed each week. Every time I page through an issue, I can feel how much the student reporters care about delivering strong stories.

Thank you!

– Adam Dvorin

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