Driver in Felony car Stop Arrested and set to Face a Grand Jury

Two officers stop a stolen vehicle at Rowan's Holly Pointe Commons. - Video via Khari Wilson.

On Sept. 27, Holly Pointe Commons residents watched as four police officers drew guns on a stolen vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle and was later taken away in handcuffs.

Police have now confirmed that the woman driving the vehicle was arrested. Her identity and her exact charges are still unknown at this point in time. 

“We located her close to the area there [Holly Pointe], and by the time we were able to activate our emergency lights she was pulling in… we didn’t want to let her get any closer to the campus than she already was,” said Glassboro Police Deputy Chief Ryan Knight. 

This case was indictable, which means that the driver will face a grand jury to determine if she will be charged with a felony.

Being that the woman was pulled over at the entrance of a freshman dorm building, and because of the vague Rowan Alert system, students have had to think more about their safety on campus.

“There’s been a lot of stuff happening, especially around here [Holly Pointe] so I mean for the most part I feel pretty safe because we have all those locks on the doors… but being out without friends is a little bit more scary, like walking to class or at night, going to get food,” said Katie Stampone, a Holly Pointe Resident.

Stampone was in the building at the time of the car stop.

“I couldn’t really see it from where I was but I was hearing everything happening and I was a little bit confused,” Stampone said.

Rowan’s alert system stated via text and email that “Glassboro PD performed a felony car stop in Holly Pointe Commons parking lot on Glassboro campus, there is no threat to the campus community.” 

While the text stated what happened, the details of the incident remained unclear. Students around campus were left to speculate what the incident entailed. There was a video released across social media, showing the entire car stop, and the police securing the driver. While thankfully no shots were fired, seeing the guns being pulled out on the school’s campus brought a lot of attention to the incident.

The investigation is still ongoing and the driver’s identity has not yet been released.

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