Homecoming Tailgate Charms Students With Endless Activities

A band preforms their live set during the Rowan tailgate. - Staff Writer / Kariyah Bennett

Students showed off their Prof spirit this weekend at Rowan tailgate. On Saturday, Oct. 22, current Rowan students, families, friends and alumni joined the festivities supporting the Rowan football team in a home game against Kean University. Food trucks, music and a ton of swag could be seen left and right throughout the entire festival.

Let’s not forget the many activities there were for the attendees and their children, especially with this year’s theme of “Once Upon a Prof”, a spin-off of Once Upon a Time. There were several tailgating activities that made the homecoming game enchanting.

Meeting a Disney Princess 

If you have children, siblings, younger relatives or if you love Disney princesses yourself, then you would have loved the surprise visit from Rapunzel and Tiana. The princesses were filled with joy and laughter, and were more than willing to take pictures with their adoring fans. They also brought along their friends Prince Naveen and Pascal, although Pascal was hidden in the castle. This was a great contribution to Rowan’s theme of “Once Upon a Prof”.

Face Painting and Balloon Figures 

Getting a face painting or a balloon figure was a magical moment for the children and added a creative side to the tailgate. If you’re a student, then you could revisit your childhood memories by getting your face painted and getting a balloon figure of a crown or sword. 

Photo Opportunities 

We live in a generation where we want every moment documented through photos so we can look back on them, and this homecoming didn’t disappoint in that aspect. There was a photo booth as well as many opportunities to have your photo taken. There was even a green vine wall, which was a perfect background for photos. Once again, if you had children or wanted to get a photo of yourself with the Disney princess, that was a perfect opportunity to do so. 

Food Trucks

The food was to die for. There was Jamaican food such as jerk chicken, however, they still had their staples such as spicy or regular chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches and fries. If you were vegetarian, they even had a whole food truck dedicated to you. Of course, they also had festival favorites such as funnel cakes, fried Oreos, water ice, cotton candy and popcorn to celebrate the occasion. 

While the atmosphere was filled with amazing activities, food and laughter, if you didn’t have younger relatives you could have completed the entire homecoming festival in about an hour and a half. Nonetheless, homecoming was an amazing time filled with music, food, activities, friends and family.

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