Edelman Planetarium Presents Halloween Laser Show


On Oct. 7 at the Ric and Jean Edelman Planetarium, the sold-out, first Halloween laser show of the season was set to go. When walking into the Edelman Planetarium, one would expect to see primarily Rowan students, but it was families that crowded the room as they looked to enjoy a great event offered by Rowan. 

Connor Marti, the planetarium assistant, and Patrick Schmal, who was running the door and the show, were able to give some insight into the beginnings of the laser show, how the laser show came from a larger community, the usual demographic that comes and how exactly you could get involved or rent out the planetarium for yourself and friends.

“The idea for laser shows at the Edelman Planetarium was borrowed from the larger planetarium community. Planetariums around the world have been playing laser shows for decades, and they help bring in new audiences that might not be as interested in science-focused planetarium shows and events,” Marti said.

The Halloween show isn’t the only show running as there are several other shows currently in rotation. You can also rent the planetarium for private shows for large groups.

“We do offer private shows for groups that want the planetarium to themselves, and we have a wide selection of laser shows ranging from EDM to Led Zeppelin to Lizzo,” Marti said. “For public laser shows, our show rotation changes several times per year to offer a variety of the shows in our catalog.”

The Halloween show is only for a limited time and will only be available for a few more weeks. 

“Once Halloween runs through, we pretty much switch right over to Christmas,” Schmal said.

With this being more of a family event. children could be heard laughing and claping to each song and performance for the laser show

“If it’s a show like Pink Floyd, we usually get more students. When it comes to Christmas and Halloween, we do see more families,” Schmal said.

With this show being sold out, it is recommended that you get your tickets ahead of time. You can find the calendar on Rowan’s website and search under current shows to find what else is going on at the Edelman Planetarium.

Reviews and recommendations flow really well for the shows, and Marti hears a ton of great feedback about the past shows and the different shows that they have hosted since they first started.

“We receive great reviews from our attendees. Laser shows are a fun way for anyone to spend an hour of their Friday or Saturday night, and we often see repeat visitors who want to see the different laser shows that we offer throughout the year,” Marti said.

If you were looking for work or to get involved with the planetarium, Marti mentioned how you could.

“We hire several Rowan students as student educators,” Marti said. “They learn to use the planetarium software, work the shows and create their own stargazing presentations to give to audiences.” 

If you have a chance to check out any of the shows, it would be a great date night, a friendly hangout or if you would just like to watch a light show. This is the perfect event for you, without having to break the bank.

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