Bennett: All the Buzz on Axe and Arrow Brewery

The flight of beer served at Axe and Arrow. - Staff Writer / Kariyah Bennett

This establishment is getting a lot of buzz about its products and beer flavors, so naturally, I had to check out what was brewing in this establishment. As I entered Axe and Arrow Brewery, I got the sense of a warm cozy vibe.

The establishment was decorated with a bunch of wood tones and black accents throughout. There were a few seating tables and a bar area inside. However, if you wanted to enjoy the atmosphere of Glassboro, you could get an amazing table outside overlooking the courtyard. The menu consisted of a variety of sweet types of beer and sour ones. I was able to try four different types of beer for $12 using their flight special.

The one that stuck out to me (out of the four) was the Blueberry Fluff. It consisted of a lovely sweet and sour combination. The tart and the sweetness from the blueberry really complimented the beer exquisitely. The best way I could describe it is the taste of a blueberry pancake.

However, if you are more of a sour punch type of person, then I would recommend Sour to the People: Tropic Thunder. The drink consisted of guava and mango together, blended with passionfruit. It had a sour patch type of vibe. While I don’t typically enjoy sour drinks, this one had me coming back for seconds.

Although the customer service from Axe and Arrow wasn’t stellar in my first visit, I saw a complete 180 turn during my second trip. The waitress took the time to talk about the process they used to create the flavors and the beer itself. She also made amazing recommendations in terms of what the customer would like, in terms of their preference and what to follow up with after they had that drink. It kind of gave me a wine-tasting experience but with beer.

They also had a mystical arts component to the tasting with the utilization of tarot cards. Which I felt was a nice addition. The only critique is that I had no idea what the cards meant, and it wasn’t really explained to me why it was incorporated. However, one thing to note is the establishment is “bring your own food.” While this threw me off at first, but I later discovered that this is because of New Jersey’s laws surrounding micro breweries.

Overall, Axe and Arrow is an amazing place to hang out if you’re specifically coming for drinks and a place to chill and unwind. The atmosphere was amazing and filled with laughter and drinks all around.

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