SUP held it's monthly movie night of "Princess Diaries" in conjunction with Rowan's 2022 Homecoming. - Sports Editor / Brianna Mac Kay

During a week filled with fun activities and homecoming celebrations, Rowan students have plenty of events that they can choose to attend. Sitting somewhere in between the fast-paced nature of Push Cart and the cut-throat Battleship competition, the Student University Programer’s (SUP’s) homecoming movie night is a welcomed chance for students to unwind and relax before the next day of events begins. 

In honor of homecoming week’s theme, “Once Upon a Prof,” SUP chose the 2001 classic, “The Princess Diaries” to headline their weekly movie screening in the Student Center Ballroom. Complete with glittering streamers and faux gemstones plastered everywhere, SUP even offered every student attending their own tiara.

“[Homecoming] needs to be chill, but for me, this just needs to be magical,” said Emily Jane, a junior communications major a part of SUP. “I know push cart already happened but it still feels like we’re kicking it off. We’re getting to the main events. I hope all of our movie nights are pretty chill.”

Students certainly had positive reactions to the SUP movie setup, as even attendees who didn’t stay for the film’s entirety stopped by to grab their own crown and popcorn. 

Those who did stay, however, had the opportunity to snag what SUP staff describe as the “best seat in the house” — a couch placed in the center of the ballroom complete with a complementary Nick’s pizza.

“So we have these raffle tickets here and, until the movie starts, when people come in and sign in, they get a ticket,” Jane said. “And if they win [if their ticket gets pulled] they get a pie from Nick’s Pizza and they get a seat at the couch with as many friends as they can fit onto it.”

For some attending, this was their first homecoming event of the week due to busy class schedules or prior commitments.

“I just thought it was nice to be able to get out and go see a movie,” Tsani Dalton, a senior justice studies major, said.

Dalton attended the event with fellow senior Lexi Cross and added that the two were just looking for a relaxing way to spend time together rather than participate in the hustle-and-bustle of events like CANstruction or the lip sync competition.

“This is our first break,” Cross said. “I think we’re both like, so hard on [ourselves] for school and this is our relaxation. And I’m a sucker for princess movies.”

SUP will host its next movie night on Nov. 29 with the summer-hit movie, “Elvis.”

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