Members of RTN hand out free pizza and drinks to "Back to Boz" guests. - Staff Writer / Kariyah Bennett

The rain couldn’t wash “Back to Boz” away. Rowan Television Network (RTN) and Cinema Workshop (CW) hosted a block-party-style outdoor event on Friday, Sept. 30. 

Despite the possibility of rain, students were seen playing lawn games, grabbing pizza and hot chocolate, and having their picture taken in the director’s chair with a space helmet on. Laughter and smiles were all around with students competing against their friends in jumbo Jenga or busting a move in Bozorth’s courtyard to artists like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. 

Students who came with empty stomachs weren’t disappointed as there was Ciconte’s pizza and the Dunkin’ hot chocolate bar. RTN president, Emma Butts, was hard at work to make sure the event ran successfully without any issues.

“So me and Katie [Tonra], the president of CW, really wanted to do something together and we wanted something fun for back to school. So, we thought why not have basically like a block party with food and drinks? Not alcoholic, of course,” Butts said. “Anybody can come and have a good time, just kick back, and not even think about school.” 

Spencer Reyes and Emma Butts play Spikeball. – Staff Writer / Kariyah Bennett

Butts and Tonra felt they accomplished their goals as student turnout was high and laughter was heard all over the courtyard. 

“I feel pretty good. You know, it’s something to do,” said Niko Ioannou, an RTF student. “Not usually a lot of things to do on a Friday here at Rowan, so I think it’s going to be a pretty good time.”

Despite the apparent success of the event, Butts struggled with time management and preparing for the event.

“While I am really happy with our turnout, I think there were a few things that if we had a little bit more time when we started, maybe in the summer, we could have done a little bit more,” Butts said. “More time is a really big thing.”

Even with the setback of the weather and preparations, Butts took those lessons in stride and plan to incorporate them into future events. 

Students that want to become involved can come to RTN meetings every Tuesday in King Auditorium at 9:30 p.m. and CW meetings on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in Bunce 107.

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