Rowan RTN Provides TV and Film Students With Real-World Experience


Rowan’s Radio, Television & Film program has produced Emmy-award-winning professionals and successful, freelancing content creators through its vigorous curriculum and ability to provide students with real-life experience.

Despite the vigor of these courses and the opportunities they provide, some students still aspire for more. These students have created extra-curricular clubs in order to expand their skills beyond the classroom. Within these clubs, students are encouraged to work together and share their knowledge.

Rowan Television Network (RTN) is just one of these clubs. If you have a passion for broadcasting, show hosting, or producing, RTN may be the place for you. The club provides real-world television experience both on and off the air.

“If you have an ounce of interest in production with television, whether that is being behind or in front of the camera, RTN is the club you want to join, where you will learn how to be a professional in your field,” said RTN sports co-producer, Spencer Reyes. “The best part is you don’t need to have any experience to join.”

RTN is home to various tv shows ranging from talk shows to news programming. Shows include “Rowan Roulette,” “RTN News,” “All Access,” “On The Couch,” “Night Owl” and “RTN Tonight.”

Produced by Paige Previte and Ryan Sabados, “Rowan Roulette” features the classic game show setup. Each week, two contestants compete in a series of themed trivia questions hoping to be named the winner. 

“RTN News” provides students with a hands-on experience of the traditional news format. Students participate both on and off-screen as camera operators, news anchors, and more. Current RTN President, Emma Butts and Kait Kowalski work together to co-produce the show.

“Co-producing with Kaitlyn Kowalski has been so much fun and rewarding,” said Butts. “She’s been so passionate and hardworking on the show. It’s been a pleasure to have her in the producer position.”

“All Access,” co-produced by Kyle Hoose & Zach Smith-Tulino, is Rowan’s own sports show. It features interviews with Rowan athletes, commentary, and select game-time footage. 

“On The Couch” presents the classic talk show feel. Producers Matt Marino & Hillary Gamboa work together to bring on fun and engaging guests from within the Rowan community. 

“Night Owl” is RTN’s comedy sketch series. Like the famous “Saturday Night Live,” a weekly writer’s room leads to a series of comedic skits. A sneak peek of this new show can be found on RTN’s Instagram.

“It’s a completely collective project that gets RTN members involved in all parts of the creative production process,” said Butts.

Last, but certainly not least, “RTN Tonight” is co-produced by Kevin Zipay & Wayne Comick. The show is the crew’s take on late-night shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon and features skits, monologues, and games.

These shows meet weekly to film and can be streamed on the RTN Youtube channel or viewed through Channel 5 on any Rowan television.

During the filming of these shows, students are encouraged to both learn practical skills and interact with their fellow crew members. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and practice film skills in a safe environment.

“[I definitely learned about] the equipment and what it takes to get everything ready when it comes to audio, video, [and] making sure everyone is in their right position for the crew,” said Zipay. “It’s definitely a good exercise for future career opportunities.”

It’s a great opportunity to learn in an environment where it’s okay to make mistakes. Each person on the set is working together and sharing their experiences and knowledge, ensuring each student walks away with increased confidence and skills. 

Not only does RTN produce several studio shows, but they also livestream events and Rowan sports including ice hockey, football, field hockey, basketball, and more.

“Coming to Rowan, I didn’t know much about production, and only focused on broadcasting,” said Reyes. “But now I can proudly say I can run an operation, such as our sports shoots.”

Through the e-board, RTN also provides students with leadership positions. 

“I’ve always enjoyed leading, but RTN truly made me better with working with other people and guiding those who need help in a positive way,” said Butts. “One of my biggest goals has always been to be an approachable and knowledgeable person. RTN helped me achieve that goal.”

RTN hosts meetings every Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. in King’s Auditorium in Bozorth Hall. For more information check out their Instagram, @rtnch5, or their website,

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