Arnold: Rowan isn’t Just for Learning, but for Community

The gazebo Arnold mentioned sits between Linden and Evergreen Hall. - Writer / Megan Arnold

Rowan University not only excels in providing a great education but in building a community that feels like home. Between the staff that is hired, the fun events taking place on campus, and even down to the landscaping, Rowan is a wonderful place to be. The attention and care that is put into the environment here at Rowan does not go unnoticed and is one reason why our Prof family is growing every day.

Rowan has allowed me to meet so many interesting and remarkable people from all around the world, and it’s so heartwarming to watch these strangers become lifelong friends!

The staff that Rowan hires is amazing. Every professor is welcoming, passionate about their job, and eager to help students succeed. The advisors are always there, whether in person or on zoom, to lend a helping hand and answer any questions you may have. There are always opportunities to meet with the dean of a student’s particular major. The department heads send out frequent emails to check in and give updates throughout the semester as well. The attentiveness of the staff makes Rowan’s Profs feel at ease and ready to handle all that the world has to offer. 

Whether it is free donuts and coffee during the morning in the Student Center or a Rowan After Hours (RAH) event at midnight, there is always something for students to enjoy. The school dances are always tons of fun, filled with great food, great music and great people. Catching your favorite sports team play a game is a fantastic way to spend the night and experience some Rowan pride. The school also has hundreds of clubs with countless different interests and hobbies to take part in, supporting their students’ interests outside of an academic setting. 

One of the biggest events here at Rowan is Hollybash, an enormous celebration at the culmination of the spring semester. It also happens to be one of my favorite events! There are food trucks, free Rowan merchandise, carnival games, performances, and a guest celebrity singer every year. I was lucky enough to be one of the performers at Hollybash last year and I had the most incredible experience performing in front of such a large and energetic crowd. I felt like a superstar! This event is always a major hit and a great way to relax before finals. All these incredible parts of Rowan are highlighted on the many social media sites and accounts that students can follow to stay up to date on Rowan news, whether on campus or at home. 

The landscape of the school is one unique gem that tends to be overlooked. From gorgeous, shady trees to small gardens of flowers, there is an abundance of beauty in every part of the school. Walking through campus, students come across numerous gazebos, ponds and grassy fields perfect for a quiet study spot or a picturesque break from the day.

One of my favorite spots on campus is a small gazebo under some trees in between Linden and Evergreen Hall. I love to sit and read, take a mental break and enjoy the nature around me, or practice playing my ukulele. The view is especially beautiful after the leaves have changed colors in the fall.

The construction of Rowan is also something that many Profs like to take advantage of. Rowan has a great combination of historic buildings from the beginning of the school’s legacy, such as Hollybush Mansion, and savvy, modern architecture, such as Discovery Hall. 

The compassion, effort and careful planning that goes into making our school such a wonderful experience is something that all students and staff are lucky to enjoy. It has made a world of difference to me and makes Rowan feel like my home away from home, rather than just an educational institution. I feel like I truly belong and that I will thrive during my time here. 

Many universities are just a place for learning. Students come in, take their classes and leave. Rowan understands that it isn’t just the academics that make a college a good place to be because most importantly, it is the people who make up Rowan that make Rowan great.

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