Rowan Alert System Issues “Shots Fired” Text Twice in One Week

A Rowan University Police Cruiser. - Photo / Nick Feldman

As Rowan University students faced their second week of classes, new concerns grew as Rowan Public Safety Department issued two separate instances of a “shots fired” alert to students.

The first came at 12:42 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11, when Rowan University’s alert system sent out an automated text message that read, “Rowan advisory: Please avoid the areas of Silver/Carpenter St. and Victoria/Rowan Blvd. until further notice for police activity.” 

A follow-up text message was sent out at 2:25 a.m. stating, “Rowan Alert. Shots fired investigation. See email for further details. Please stay inside your residence.” 

Students were left with little to no information from the University, and with the late alert, many students felt uneasy and unsafe on campus. 

Carmela Apostle, a senior at Rowan, spoke about her feelings and what she allegedly heard that night. 

“I was laying in bed about to go to sleep and I heard the gunshots, three at first and I was trying to convince myself it was fireworks, and then when I heard the last four. I knew it was gunshots,” Apostle said. “I debated if I should text my roommates and deadbolt the door, but I didn’t want to accidentally leave one of them outside. It took me a while to fall asleep after that because I was worried I was going to get a text or a call and find out one of my friends died.” 

Apostle wasn’t the only student concerned about the incident, as Laquan Burroughs comments about the lack of information sent out by Rowan. 

“I find it wild. Glassboro area seems to get worse and worse each year,” Burroughs said. “I wish the school would give us more info[rmation] on what’s going on, cause these alerts don’t do much.” 

Glassboro police are currently investigating the shooting, and the “large party” at an off-campus house that police say may have caused the large, uneasy crowds that formed in the street.

While Glassboro police were already on the scene for a separate issue of an alleged off-campus party, shots were fired according to a follow-up email sent out regarding the Rowan Alert.

“On 9/11/22 a Rowan Alert was sent out for shots fired in the area of Princeton and Dickinson Roads,” a Rowan Advisory email, released at 4:01 a.m. the same day, read. “This incident is being investigated by the Glassboro Police Department. At this time there is no known active threat.” 

The Glassboro Police Department stated that this incident is still currently under investigation. If anyone has any information regarding said investigation they should contact the police or Rowan Public Safety. 

Although Rowan students have not received any updates about the initial incident over the weekend, phones and emails were bombarded once more on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 6:57 p.m., as another Rowan Alert was sent out. 

“Rowan Alert: There has been a report of shots fired OFF CAMPUS near State Street and Delsea Drive. Avoid the area until further notice,” the text read.

Apostle once again voiced her frustration with the shootings that have happened near campus recently.

“It’s also sad because we’ve had so many off-campus shootings in the past week that earlier today when we got a Rowan Alert about shots fired at State Street, I wasn’t even surprised because of how often it happens now,” Apostle said.

Exactly 21 minutes later, a follow-up text message and email were sent out.

“Rowan Advisory: follow up to previous shots fired alert OFF CAMPUS of State Street and Delsea Drive deemed safe, but remains closed as police investigate,” said the message. 

At the time no further information has been provided. 

If anyone has any information regarding these incidents please contact Rowan Public Safety at 856-256-4922 or by using the Rowan University Police anonymous crime tip line at 856-256-7428. 

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