Glassboro PD Pull Over Stolen Vehicle in Holly Pointe Parking Lot


On Sept. 27, Glassboro PD pulled over a reported stolen vehicle at the entrance of the Holly Pointe Commons parking lot. During the incident, two policemen were seen with their guns drawn as the driver slowly walked toward them with their hands up.

According to Rowan’s Senior Director of Public Safety, Reed Layton, the car passed by a License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera, which alerted all Glassboro police officers it was a stolen car and caused them to pursue the vehicle near Rt. 322 and West Street.

“One subject was secured, that doesn’t necessarily mean arrested, but secured and that’s all the information we have. Apparently, whoever they have, they secured the person and they took them back to their headquarters,” Layton said.

Rowan Advisory sent out a text that read, “Glassboro PD performed a felony car stop in Holly Pointe Commons parking lot on Glassboro campus, there is no threat to the campus community.”

The vagueness of the alert— paired with pictures and videos circulating on social media of guns being pointed at an individual — created confusion. 

“They call it a felony car stop because it’s a stolen car so they stop it with four officers at a time,” said Layton. 

Glassboro PD did not get back to The Whit for comment nor did they confirm if the individual involved had been arrested. This is an ongoing investigation. 

Video via Khari Wilson

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