Rowan’s Club Fair Invites Students to Find Friends and New Interests

Students view the many clubs lined up along Meditation Walk near Business Hall. - Writer / Nick Butler

It was a gorgeous day on Meditation Walk outside of the Rowan Business Center on Thursday, Sept. 8, for the Fall Club Fair. Clubs, sports teams, and all walks of Greek life came out to not only promote themselves but to also promote the tools that Rowan University has given them to grow their passions and talents.

Among the crowd of students walking the fair, you could find Freshmen just walking onto the campus for the first time to Graduate students coming back for more. 

Walking along Meditation Walk you would expect a quiet, calm and serene pathway to your next class. Usually, you would be right, but on this occasion, it was filled with students searching for their next club or trying to promote their passion. The fair also occurred at the same time as the Wellness Center’s open house, the Sports Club fair, and Greek Life looking for new signups. 

Joining a club can not only be beneficial for doing more hands-on work in what you love, but you can meet some amazing and accepting people.

The Radio Television Network (RTN) was looking for new people to join. Members Garret Smith, Spencer Reyes and Connor Bond were out on the club’s behalf and by two o’clock, they had already filled up three sheets– front and back — for people interested. While seeing a lot of freshmen, it seemed to have been a good mix of students from all different grades with interest.

Even if sports aren’t what students are looking to do for TV, RTN has six studio shows this semester in production alongside a new narrative sketch comedy show. There is so much opportunity to grow and learn from being a part of RTN. Their meetings will be held on Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. in King Auditorium at Bozarth Hall. 

Maybe it’s sisterhood or brotherhood that you are searching for alongside a channel to give back to the community. Bonnie Brager and Rachael Glemser, both seniors from Alpha Sigma Alpha, were able to provide insight into what being in a sorority is really like. Forget what you see in the movies because Brager believes it is way more than just looking cute and going to parties.

“You can have a multitude of connections and overall meet people who you want to meet,” Brager said. 

Glemset explained that Alpha Sigma Alpha also does community service through their “dot days,” designated days where the sorority goes out to give back to their community. If it’s a sorority you are looking to join and want more information, you can email with questions or head over to Suite 220 in the Chamberlain Student Center, which houses the Student Leadership Programs.

Alongside the clubs and Greek life, there were sports – and a ton of them. From powerlifting to ESports, there was something for everyone. Ethan Ryan-Kubis, Chris Kelly and David Brewster from the Ultimate Frisbee club were present at the fair to advertise this sport where they say anyone can come out and meet new people.

“Just come out and try it. Whether you have been playing for 13 years or just starting out, everyone will accept you and also teach you how to play,” Brewster, a graduate student, said. 

Ryan-Kubis went on to finish by saying it gets to be a lot of fun, especially with the people who are in the club. Regardless of age, anyone can come and play. 

Walking through the fair, you found students from all walks of life. Megan McGarry and Erica Glogowski, who are both freshmen, were just some of the students looking to get involved on campus.

McGarry is a law student looking to find something to get involved in for her major. She was interested in the Pre-Law Society, Student Government and History Club. Glogowski, who is an Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, came out to find something she likes and to see what Rowan has to offer her.

When asked what they thought of the Club Fair, McGarry and Glogowski shared similar opinions.

“It can be scary to put yourselves out there but to do something like that will help you find people you want to meet,” McGarry said.

“The freedom we have now to choose what we want can be scary but also freeing. We get to choose what we want to do,” said Glogowski.

The Fall Club Fair was an experience many students wished they could have attended during the Covid-ridden semesters. No matter the grade, major or background, the club fair was a sought-after event for so many students. Living on your own, having freedom and the ability to choose what you want can be overwhelming, but finding friends with similar interests can make this scary time a little easier.

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