PHOTOSTORY: Pumpkin Smashing Supports Rowan Food Pantry, The SHOP

SUP Event Coordinator Rachel Owen, stands in front of the pumpkin smashing area. – Photo / Adriana Zawojski

“We are so excited to be kicking off our semester with Game Over Hunger weekend. I am so happy we are able to help raise money for campus resources for students,” Owen said. Admission to the pumpkin smashing event directly benefited The SHOP, Rowan’s on-campus food pantry and resource center.

Leah Waldron, a freshman, donates money to help support The SHOP and decorate pumpkins. Photo / Adriana Zawojski
Anthony Porcelli, a junior at Rowan, smashes pumpkins to destress and have fun. – Photo / Adriana Zawojski.
Leah Waldron smashes a pumpkin to explore campus and meet new people. Photo / Adriana Zawojski

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