Pontano’s Club Corner: Rowan’s Bowling Club has Comeback After Early Setback

The Rowan Bowling Club. The club was founded back in 2020. - Photo / Proflink

Rowan’s bowling club has everything that a new club can hope for in its beginning years. They have a good amount of members and growing interest, despite their early setbacks.

Established in 2020, the idea came from a common interest among friends to start the club. The first year was rough on the new club though as they would have to cancel many practices because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“So we got it started in spring 2020,” President Jonathon Tabacco said. “We got like four practices in and then everything got canceled and shut down. We finally got it back started last semester when everything went back to normal. Then in the fall, last semester, we needed to get everyone back into it again. We actually got more members to keep it up and retained the same amount of members even now in the spring.” 

Like the rest of the world, all of Rowan’s students’ day-to-day routines were halted when the pandemic hit. In sports, many athletes used this time to get better at their sport while others spent time relaxing. Patrick McGuire,a  junior and the club’s vice president, explains that’s what he did during that time. 

“I used it as a strength because I found out that when I don’t stick to something for like a few months and I come back to it, I get better,” McGuire said. “The few months break kind of helped me develop my form and I actually got a little bit of a better average because of it.”

Development in bowling is the key to success and many other sports that deal with hitting a fixed target. Jonathan Dale, a freshman, has been with the team for a short amount of time but he already believes that he is becoming a better bowler.

“I got better in placement when it comes down to the lanes,” Dale said. “So Jonathon helped me understand more placement better than what I was doing before. Team-wise, we bond a lot. We get along a lot.” 

The club does not compete against other schools because not a lot of other colleges have a bowling club, so they hold practices at a local alley to help and encourage each other to get better and to have fun.

The most important aspect of the club is that it is fun to many members and that they bond over it.

“Well, being able to experience a sport that in most cases is considered niche,” McGuire said. “Experiencing it with other people in the Rowan family who take it just as seriously that I have. We have a good time.”

Overall, the Rowan’s Bowling Club is one that is started back up after the pandemic and is ready to welcome its new members with open arms. This club is open to everyone, regardless of experience. Even though the club does not compete, they know how to have fun with one another so that the team spirit and bonding connect them.

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