Pontano’s Club Corner: Rowan Women’s Rugby is Back

The Rowan women's rugby team. The team just competed in a tournament down in Florida. - Photo / courtesy of Rowan Women's Rugby

The Rowan women’s rugby team is beginning to come back to form after a hiatus due to COVID-19 and they are ready to be stronger than before.

The team was established in 2013 and competes at the Division II level in the Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC). This season marked their eighth competitive season.

“We are not NCAA, all MAC tournaments,” President Madison Smith said. “So it’s a different division than what Rowan plays for. We are Division II because we had a number of girls that played but I’m pretty sure right now we’re probably Division III. But with everyone [before] COVID, we’re basically Division II.” 

The team was in Tampa, Florida for the Tropic 7s Tournament last week.

“It was definitely a learning experience,” senior Hannah Kose said of the tournament. “We were learning from the different, more experienced teams. They’ve probably been playing since like middle school.” 

The women’s team has two disciplines, 7s and 15s. 7s has less players and is a faster pace, while 15s has more players.

“When I do 15s I play the second row, which is like a lot,” Senior Kadie Davis said. “And then in 7s I play across. So they’re both just two positions that are in the scrub. I honestly really like where I play. I don’t like a ton of running. I like being really directly involved because I am more aggressive, I think it has been a really good spot for me… I think going forward we’ll probably have really good 7s because we have a lot of small girls and a lot of good runners. So I think we’re gonna keep having good seasons.” 

This team is open to any women who want to play rugby, and anyone who tries out earns a spot. Being a part of this team will bring out an individual’s competitiveness and fulfill the feeling of team camaraderie.

“I think it’s just like the team aspect,” Kose said. “I played sports in high school. So I kind of miss having a team to play with and just like having a group of people that like to share common interests…I definitely think my confidence has gone up significantly. I definitely get out there more often.” 

With this season being their first true season back, hopes are high for the rugby team to continue. Both the 7s and 15s teams have the potential to have more women involved and become a stronger team as a whole.

As the semester came to an end, the team learned how to turn their setback into their strength. The next season will determine if this season paid off and demonstrate the team’s growth.

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