Rowan University Board of Trustees Approve Increased Housing Costs


Rowan University’s Board of Trustees held their annual meeting on Wednesday, April 13, in an open event to the public inside the Eynon Ballroom at Chamberlain Student Center. Attendants could either participate in person or join a live Zoom call. 

Both the board and a few members of the public spoke during the event, including Rowan University President Ali A. Houshmand. 

The schedule included eight parts: closed session, public session, call to order, open public meeting statement, public hearing for Y23 [the year of 2023] tuition rates, approval of minutes for Feb 9, 2022, President’s report, public comments regarding pending resolutions, and action items for consent agenda. 

All those who wished to speak had to put in a request before the scheduled meeting began.

Most of the meeting covered school budgeting for the 2023 academic year. 

The board of trustees would read aloud each resolution to the public. 

The first approved item agreed to a new certificate of graduate study.

According to the pamphlet handed to guests at the beginning of the meeting, “2022.04.01: This resolution approves the offering of the academic program, Certificate of Graduate Study in Urban and Regional Planning.”

Urban planning requires at least a master’s degree. The new certificate of graduate study means more opportunities for students. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2020 to 2030 the growth of this field will increase by 7%

William Kaminer is a sophomore political science major with an interest in becoming an urban planner. This approval for a new graduate’s certificate means being one step closer to achieving his goal.

“I’m very excited by this development. South Jersey needs more planning innovators to fix our lack of transit, reign in sprawl and protect our environment,” Kaminer said. 

Chad Bruner, chair of the board, read aloud the resolution for this new program. 

Part of the segment read aloud by Bruner said, “The academic program, Certificate of Graduate Study in Urban and Regional Planning, has been developed by the Department of Geography, Planning and Sustainability, and this credential will enhance Rowan’s University of the Future goal by continuing to develop new work-force related certificate as part of existing degree offerings, as this complements the School’s larger Master’s degree.” 

Another important highlight is the approval of new elevators in both Oak Hall and Laurel Hall. 

According to the pamphlet, “2022.04.06: This resolution approves the total project budget for installation of elevators in Oak Hall and Laurel Hall.” 

One last highlight included the approval of summer rental rates. 

All approved rates would be effective starting May 14, 2022.

Rowan Boulevard apartments, townhouse complex, and the Whitney Center would increase from $32 per day to $33 per day. Holly Pointe Commons would increase from $26 per day to $27 per day, all other air-conditioned housing would increase from $22 per day to $23 per day, and lastly, all other non-air-conditioned housing would stay at $11 per day. 

Towards the end of the meeting, the board of trustees acknowledged a student member of the Rowan University Board of Trustees, Samantha Bollendorf.

According to the segment read aloud, “Samantha Bollendorf holds the distinction of serving as a student member of the Rowan University Board of Trustees, and she has represented the student body of this University in an exemplary manner during her term of office, and during her tenure as the student voting member, she has fulfilled her obligations as a dedicated, enlightened and enthusiastic young woman who has gained the respect of the University community, as well as the admiration of her colleagues on the Board.” 

Bollendorf received an award and praise for her work as a student member of the board of trustees at Rowan University.

After all resolutions were read aloud, the meeting concluded. 

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