NJ Legalizes Marijuana

Marijuana has a long and complicated history in the United States. - Photo via Pixabay.com.

Coming just a day after its unofficial holiday, New Jersey legalized recreational marijuana. The legalization came after months of discussion on how to go about sales, and roughly 67% of NJ voters approved of the idea.

The legalization of recreational marijuana meant that 13 stores could begin selling the products. Seven of those stores are located in South Jersey, making for easy access to anyone over 21, including college students, to light up. 

One of the seven stores nearby that gained major buzz on its first day is The Botanist in Williamstown, New Jersey. 

Customers flocked to the store as early as 5:30 a.m., even though sales wouldn’t begin until a few hours later. 

Marvin Wash, a former New York Jets defensive end, was the first person to purchase adult-use marijuana at The Botanist. He discussed how impactful that day was as well as how it would help the players in the NFL.

“Today was a big time that everyone in the Atlantic states have been waiting for,” Wash said. “[I’m] happy for athletes, as this is pushing the ball further down the field and including more professional sports teams, it will lead to that wall falling. [This] will lead to professional athletes being able to treat and medicate with cannabis.”

Though it was a great day for people hoping to legally purchase, Rowan University will still not allow marijuana on campus. 

The campus’ daily mail discussed the consequences of underage possession and the potential danger of the recreational drug.

“While adults in New Jersey may purchase cannabis for recreational use starting Thursday, April 21, cannabis possession is still prohibited under federal law and, as a result, is NOT permitted on Rowan University property,” the email read.

Regardless of the news, students still look forward to the benefits that the cannabis industry will bring to New Jersey as well as weighing the potential problems.

Though recreational marijuana is now legal in New Jersey, there are still many steps that will be taken to ensure the safety and security of the community as well as those who can legally purchase it.

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