The Last HooRAH: Senior Send off

Features intern talks Rowan After Hours' final event for the semester - Photo / Jack Trabucco

On Saturday, April 23, Rowan After Hours threw the “Last HooRAH,” an event showcasing the best and most memorable events from the past year. In other words, it featured the main attractions of several of the best RAH events altogether in one place. 

The all-star carnival of memories included the boardwalk games from January’s “Back to School” weekend, food and music from both the Speakeasy Night and Mardi Gras hosted in February, and the sign-making and photo booth from March’s “Destination Weekend.” 

The student center pit bustled with attendants new and old, with some freshmen stopping for a moment to reflect on their first year gone by and rewarding themselves for a job well done. Others were seniors, taking in the laid-back, carefree atmosphere of one more RAH event before going onto graduation or grad school.  

There was an odd sense of nostalgia for Rowan After Hours, even if seniors did not frequently attend their events. And now that this is likely the last one many seniors will see in their brief time here, it’s somewhat sad to see it go. However, RAH will continue to consistently provide an enriching college experience for generations of new students to come.   

“We cater to everyone. We’re here every week to get people together… RAH will always be around, we’ll always be there for the students. That will always continue no matter what,” RAH’s Head Student Coordinator Mustafa Abdus-Sabuur said when discussing the “Back to School” weekend in January. 

The people of Rowan After Hours exhibit a unique kind of empathy in what they do. The value of what they do and why they do it cannot be understated and, even if all students don’t regularly attend RAH events, they should know how lucky they are that they have the option. 

It is admirable that the people of RAH remain dedicated to bringing the Rowan community together. Despite the troubles of the past and the insecurities of the future, Rowan should remain thankful that RAH continues to provide students with opportunities to enrich their college experience with friends and fun memories—the things we need most.

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