Five Best Places to Visit in Pennsylvania’s “Hippie Town”

Features editor Jennifer McGraw shares the top places to visit and eat at in New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ. - Photo / Jennifer McGraw

Have you ever visited a hippie town? How about a town, connected by another with a bridge you can walk across, that has a lot of different bohemian shops and fun places to eat? 

That’s exactly the type of place students will be on Sunday, April 10. Student University Programmers, (SUP) is hosting a trip to New Hope, PA.

New Hope is nestled along the Delaware River within walking distance of its twin community, Lambertville, N.J. New Hope has become known for its art scenery, bohemian shops and big city feel in a tiny community.

Students will partake in all that New Hope and Lambertville have to offer. Before students take the visit to “The Most Hippie Town in Pennsylvania,” here are the top five favorite places to go and explore. All of these are within walking distance or a short driving distance which allows you to check out as many as possible.

5. Lambertville Station

Lambertville Station is a restaurant to check out if you’re looking for a nice place to sit down and eat for dinner. Though it is not in New Hope, it’s right across the bridge. Lambertville Station is a warm, rustic restaurant right on the Delaware River, with a perfect view as you enjoy your food. I visited the restaurant in June 2021 during Pride Month and the entire town celebrated with decorations and pride flags on every block. Lambertville Station followed suit with pride flags decorating the restaurant both inside and out.

I ordered my favorite food, Margherita flatbread, and Lambertville Station did not disappoint. I also ordered a drink called “Experiment 625,” a pop culture reference to the cartoon “Lilo & Stitch.” Between my mother, father and I, the bill came to $60. For a more formal place to eat after spending a day in the community, Lambertville Station is worth it for that price. 

Margherita flatbread and a sweet, fruity beverage from Lambertville Station. – Photo / Jennifer McGraw

4. Fran’s Pub

Fran’s Pub is a fun restaurant with a variety of tavern-style food to enjoy before, or after, a day of shopping and exploring. Fran’s Pub is right along Main Street and in the heart of all the action. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with smiles and a great wait staff who are super welcoming. I’ve only been to New Hope twice, so the staff not only gave great recommendations for the food in their restaurant, but also great places to see during my visit. 

I ordered the bacon bleu burger, a juicy burger complemented with strips of crispy bacon and chunks of bleu cheese. My meal altogether was a little less than $20, which was not bad considering the quality of the restaurant, the food and the service. Most of the food they serve is pretty light, so you don’t feel uncomfortably full if you still want to walk around. Fran’s Pub is the perfect choice for a quality lunch during your visit.

3. Funky Stuff

If you’ve ever shopped at East Meets West in the Deptford Mall, then Funky Stuff is another great place to visit. This eco-friendly gift shop supports local artists and fair trade. Everything is made from small businesses, so if you want to both support local artists and walk away with a unique gift from New Hope, Funky Stuff is the place to be. Personally, I love small shops like this because of the fact that what you get is something unique to you and no other product will be exactly similar.

I bought a few bracelets, stickers and a bag from Funky Stuff. I believe my total came to around $25, which would go back to those small businesses. At the time that I visited the shop, the clerk gave me a business card and on the back was a coupon to a local coffee shop. I don’t know if that deal is still going on, but if it is, it’s absolutely worth taking advantage of.

2. Country Fair Chocolates

Country Fair Chocolates is a small gift shop on Main Street that offers the sweetest treats to bring back home after your visit. The shop is a Hallmark-style gift shop with an assortment of candies and chocolates for you and pet-friendly delicacies for your furry friends. Country Fair Chocolates is super affordable and another perfect shop to stop at before you leave New Hope. 

Though I’ve never had it, besides their assortment of candies and decorations, they also have the “world’s largest gummy worm” weighing three pounds and about two feet long. It costs about $30, but if you’re feeling ambitious and want a treat to last you the entire year, this might be the thing to bring home.

Decorations line the streets of Lambertville and New Hope during Pride month. – Photo / Jennifer McGraw

1. Psychic Readings by Edith

What else would you be doing roaming the streets of a hippie town other than getting your cards or your palms read? Psychic readings by Edith is definitely a great experience to check out while in New Hope. You have the choice of getting one or both of your palms read, your reading through a crystal ball or tarot readings. Even if you are not into spirituality, the curiosity about what you are reading outweighs any reason not to get a reading. The readings are fairly inexpensive for about five or 10 minutes. 

When I had my palm read, I was told that I’d (unfortunately) not be marrying an athlete, that I would have three kids and I would make a few career moves. It was cool to see because there were some parts of the reading that clicked and others that I didn’t expect to hear. There’s definitely a level of skepticism with any tarot or palm reading because ultimately you live your life how you want, but if what the psychic says ends up being true, then that’s pretty cool. 

Whether you’re traveling with SUP to New Hope on Sunday or you want to make the trip up to Pennsylvania’s “hippie town,” New Hope has so much to experience. 

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  1. This is a ridiculous profile of New Hope and Lambertville . Fine art , fine jewelry , antiques , regional theatre, lovely homes and plenty of local 18th century history . Plus any level of food and beverage one prefers .

  2. It was indeed a hippie town in the early 70s. I use to go there often when I was a student at what was then Trenton State College. There were a lot of head shops, and people smoked weed in the streets.