Bennett: “The Pierogie Place” is Glassboro’s Newest Pierogi Hot Spot

Features intern Kariyah Bennett features The Pierogie Place, a new hotspot for Rowan students to enjoy pierogies. - Photo / Kariyah Bennett

If you ever had pierogies before, it is usually just potatoes and cheese mixed together, folded in a type of dough and pan-fried. It’s similar to a dumpling, without the meat and vegetables.

The Pierogie Place, however, does an amazing spin on these European-style dishes.

When you approach the restaurant, it has a modern style to it with amazing black and green walls lit up with neon signs of the restaurant’s name. The atmosphere is clean, sleek and gives an urban feel with accents of brown throughout the establishment to compliment the warm, inviting colors.

It soon came time for the best part, the pierogies. They offered so many different options, including jalapeno and cheddar, bacon and cheddar, potato and onion, vegan fillings and a variety of toppings, including the spicy chili garlic sauce, sour cream, the jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce for those looking for something a bit more savory.

However, if you’re looking for something sweet, then look no further than the sweet cream, blueberry and strawberry pierogies. To top it all off, they offered different toppings for these sweet desserts, ranging from sweet cream to fresh berries and powdered sugar.

When I bit into the savory pierogies, the texture of the potatoes and cheese and the softness of the dough blended together beautifully– and the spiciness of the chili garlic sauce added that savory flavor to the pierogies that was hard to resist.

If you’re into spicy foods, I would definitely recommend the jalapeno and cheddar option, topped off with the spicy chili garlic sauce. However, if you still want that savory taste without the spiciness, then I would recommend either the jalapeno and cheddar pierogie with the sour cream topping, or the cheddar pierogie with sour cream. If you’re craving something sweet, then the blueberry pierogie topped with sweet cream is the way to go. 

Even though the pierogies were amazing, my only wish is that they were pan-fried just a little bit longer to really get that crunch we all crave when we’re eating something savory.  

In addition to the food, it was really the restaurant’s values and how the employees treated their customers that stood out to me.

The owner walked around to the different customers to make sure that everyone’s food came out okay. I also noticed that they had a “We stand with Ukraine” donation jar, which I found intriguing. When I mentioned it to the owner, she smiled and talked about how her family is from Ukraine and she is trying to raise funds to give directly to a children’s hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

She spoke about how much Ukraine means to her and how she and her family lived over there for years until the pandemic hit in 2020. Then, her and husband decided to pursue one of their dreams and open a restaurant. 

Currently, The Pierogie Place has multiple locations, including Ocean City and Wildwood. They offer their savory pierogies in a different sizes– either a small, which gives you 5 for $9, or the large, which gives you 10 for $15. In addition to these sizes, the sweet pierogies come in one size– 3 for $5. Customers who donate to the victims of Ukraine will also receive a “We stand with Ukraine” bracelet.

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