Ternay’s Shop in the Woods Reopens after Devastating Fire

Ternay’s Shop specializes in furniture repair and restoration along with owning a vast collection of antiques. -Photo via Ron Henefer.

This past weekend, local antique store Ternay’s Shop in the Woods Antiques celebrated its grand reopening after being closed for six years due to a devastating fire that destroyed the store.   

The family-owned shop is located just outside Rowan University’s campus on Glassboro Road in Monroe Township. The business has been around for over 75 years, operating in various locations until they situated themselves at their current address in 1969. 

Ternay’s Shop specializes in furniture repair and restoration, along with owning a vast collection of antiques.

The heart and soul of the shop is Cass Ternay, who started the business in 1947 with her husband Jim. Cass and her son Butch are responsible for the success and development of the business, as the pair have dedicated their lives to the antique store and family legacy.

“We are one of the few places around where you can get your furniture repaired and refinished, and we’ve been doing it for 75 years,” Butch Ternay said.

In the fall of 2015, a significant fire began in the furniture-repair section of the shop. The flames spread rapidly and consumed the cabinet and retail shop completely, leaving only ashes behind. Now, in the spring of 2022, Ternay’s Shop is officially open to the public again, boasting a brand new store with numerous updates and improvements.

Today, Ternay’s Shop in the Woods Antiques is run by five family members including Cass, Butch, his daughter Sarah, and her two cousins. 

“It’s great being here, there’s just so much to learn. You get so much experience from Cass being in this business for so long and Butch with his handy-work. We learn new things every day,” said Mary-Ann Ternay, Butch’s daughter-in-law.

On Saturday, March 26, the Ternay family organized the biggest event in the history of their business to commemorate the reopening of the store. The celebration welcomed over 25 vendors, including antique dealers, photographers and glassblowers, as well as face painting,  jewelry, collectibles, baked goods and even classic cars. 

Ternay’s Shop partnered with the Kitchen Of Hope, who are members of the Food Bank in South Jersey. With support from Holy Episcopal Church, they are dedicated to distributing free food to those in need while educating people about the importance of good nutrition and food safety. The reopening was great exposure for the group, who were appreciative to share their story and mission. 

The event showcased the blessing of the building by a local priest, followed by the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a historic day for Ternay’s Shop in the Woods Antiques that will be remembered for years to come. 

“I am so happy that we are finally here. It took us so long to get to this point. To have this day, it’s just like we can finally relax a little bit,” Sarah Ternay said.

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